Dr. Antony Theodore Today Poems

This Is My Wish For You Today

May the flame of love glow in your heart.
May your life be filled with love
Hope and peace.

Today I Sat To Collect My Tears

I sat to collect my tears
in an earthern cup
and hid it carefully
behind my smiling mask.

Can You Sleep Today After Seeing Me Begging?

Do you see me now?

I have no food.
I am hungry and thirsty.

But Today You Wait On God.

We waitfor
doctor's appointments,
red or green lights,
traffic backups,

Light A Candle Today

Israel was under
the control of the Seleucids.

They were forced

Today I Wait For You O My God.

Last night I waited for you.
On my knees I remained
thinking of you my God.

Protect - Me - Today

Against the false
seer's enchantments,

Against paganism's

Today - I - Rise

Today, I rise for battle with
God's Power guiding me,
God's Might upholding me,
God's Wisdom teaching me.

Live Well Today

Look to this day,
for it is life, the very breath of life.

In its brief course lie

Today I Yearn For Her Kisses.

In my childhood
I loved playing in the rain.
I sang songs in the rain.
My mom scolded me.

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