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How did I end up in this state?
I'm always fighting with my weight,
I'd like to put it down to fate,
but that ain't honest!

I think I've come to understand,
That most of life goes by unplanned,
And time passes us in such a hurry,
There is no point to doubt and worry,

'You must believe my son,
you must let faith within you dwell,
because if you don't
you will doom your soul to everlasting Hell.'

Water, as most of you will know,
has the chemical formula H2O.
Now this essential liquid is, as well,
in its natural form, devoid of smell,

If I come across as a bit critical,
about some subjects, religious or political.
this is all because the fact is I,
am a critical kind of guy,

' In Flanders fields the poppies blow,
Between the crosses, row on row'.
So wrote the poet John McCrae,
Recording the reality of his day.

I lay me down in the shadows,
'cos I got drunk tonight,
I lay me down in the shadows,
'cos getting drunk ain't right,

I am eight years old, my friend is ten,
the sky is billions and azure blue,
we are walking to St Bees and the beach, when,
suddenly a skylark soars piping his tune so true.

Often circumstances can conspire,
to make a life's experience dire.
If this should ever happen to you,
this is what you ought to do.

The seed of the Jewish man,
Swims frantically towards its goal,
To be united with that Muslim egg,
To unite in the creation of a soul,

I believe in the constitution, and that it does enshrine,
My right to be able to protect myself, and mine,
And that in order that I can so do,
I can own any gun that I want to.

Once again whilst fishing at the beach,
The fish they all stayed out of reach,
I think they knew that I was there,
And so my fish bag it stayed bare.

This week, on Tuesday
I must sadly, attend
The funeral of
Another friend,

I saw a cat
playing with a mouse,
from the kitchen window
of my house.

Everything including me,
Is made of atoms that came to be,
With the explosion of a star,
Light years away from where we are,

I'm in the fishing tackle shop,
And tempting thoughts just will not stop,
I'm like a little kid of three,
In a sweetie shop where all's for me!

Eighty five percent of global assets have been,
appropriated by ten percent of the population!

That leaves fifteen percent to be shared between

A nation of six percent of global population,
Has been led to believe the sole purpose of creation,
Was to bring them alone to the fore,
To give them the right to so much more,

Mr Jobsworth

My name is Everett Jobsworth,
an' I'm the governor of this Texas prison,

The meaning of the words we write,
Is oft times clear, black and white,
but sometimes it is true to say,
that those meanings are in shades of grey,

Tom Higgins Biography

I was born and grew up here, and apart from a brief spell working at Rolls Royce in Bristol in 1973 I have lived here all my life, so far! Egremont is on the edge of the Lake District National Park and the surrounding area is exceptionally beautiful.I have been married since 1983, and have two daughters.I started to jot down a few words about five years ago, but prior to this time I had not written anything other than a letter or postcard, since I left school in 1971.)

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Fatty Bum Bum

How did I end up in this state?
I'm always fighting with my weight,
I'd like to put it down to fate,
but that ain't honest!

I know for sure what I do wrong,
I've known the truth all along,
but I always sing a different song,
and that ain't honest!

I've tried to blame my family,
for passing the fat gene down to me,
and making me a big fat'B',
but that ain't honest.

So now I'm gonna face the fact,
I have to make me a slimming pact,
and with exercise I must react.
Now, that is honest!

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Tom Higgins 12 July 2019

I almost forgotabout this site.

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