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Tom Higgins Poems

1. Shadey Dealings 2/20/2012
2. Here We Go Again 2/21/2012
3. Gone Fishing 2/25/2012
4. Let Us Prey 2/26/2012
5. Reach Out And Touch Somebody's Wallet 2/26/2012
6. The Removal Men 3/3/2012
7. Leave Nothing Unsaid 3/3/2012
8. Song Of Life? 3/4/2012
9. The Trilogy 3/5/2012
10. The Trilogy Of Duplicity 3/5/2012
11. U N Happiness 3/5/2012
12. Go To The Library 3/5/2012
13. The Route To Happiness Via The Millionaire Preacher 3/5/2012
14. The Arabian Head Removal Service 3/10/2012
15. Fundamental Question 3/13/2012
16. U F O Experience 3/13/2012
17. The Emperors Of Tome 3/13/2012
18. Exercise For Life 3/13/2012
19. Not So Snow White! 3/17/2012
20. Thirty Four Years Ago 3/17/2012
21. Fat Happy Chappy 3/17/2012
22. Come Into My Parlour 3/17/2012
23. Gone 3/17/2012
24. Unbridled Capital 3/18/2012
25. Home For Ever 3/20/2012
26. The Mad Haters Tea Party 3/20/2012
27. Where Are You? 3/23/2012
28. Two Other Little Boys 3/24/2012
29. Human O' War 3/26/2012
30. Suffer Not The Little Children? 3/30/2012
31. More War In Store? 3/31/2012
32. Reveille 4/2/2012
33. Vote For Me! 4/6/2012
34. Extremely Fat Cats 4/6/2012
35. Write Only For Right. 4/6/2012
36. I Love You 4/7/2012
37. Wandering Spirits 4/8/2012
38. Sex Ban 4/11/2012
39. Murdered For Me Teeth! 4/12/2012
40. Democracy? What Happened? 4/14/2012

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Fatty Bum Bum

How did I end up in this state?
I'm always fighting with my weight,
I'd like to put it down to fate,
but that ain't honest!

I know for sure what I do wrong,
I've known the truth all along,
but I always sing a different song,
and that ain't honest!

I've tried to blame my family,
for passing the fat gene down to me,
and making me a big fat'B',
but that ain't honest.

So now I'm gonna face the fact,
I have to make me a slimming pact,
and with exercise I must react.
Now, that is honest!

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Count Your Blessings

Often circumstances can conspire,
to make a life's experience dire.
If this should ever happen to you,
this is what you ought to do.
Look around yourself to see,
if there is a worse place you could be,
and usually you'll find 'tis so,
there's somewhere worse where you could go,
and the poor beggars dwelling there,

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