The Original Tom Maxwell Poems

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Dreams & Plans

When you want, something new in your life,
You must be open, to change,
You can't' just rely on others,
To follow, and rearrange.

Everything Works Together

Think about those worms, that wiggle through the land,
they loosen up the soil, so the roots of plants, can expand,

Those plants give off oxygen, to support life on this earth each day,

Friends That Touch Our Heart

We use to be close, always together,
Shared good times, and helped each other, through bad weather.
There were few days, you would see us apart,
We had a friendship that connected, right from the start.

Hypnotizing Every Eye

I stare at the white ice crystals,
As they fall, so peacefully to the ground,
They travel so far, floating free,
When they land, never making a sound.

Feeling Freedom

Outlaws from the past, old gray hair men today,
Exploring on Harley Davidson"s, mind entertaining down highways.

Hair blowing in the wind, their noses on the white lines,

Why Are You Here?

How long could you keep others interested,
Discussing, hobbies, personal things you do,
Not those once a year, experiences,
The things you create, build, work on,

Why Do Today's Poets Write

I've been writing seventeen years,
Is it my purpose, in this life,
or am I that board, o'h so dear.

Look Past The Stars

Many times, when we are lost,
We look up, to stare at the sky,
All we can see, are the clouds, passing by,
Never giving a thought of, other planets, up so high.

Lying To Cover Up Lies

Our world seem to produce, more thieves & liars everyday,
they will gain your trust, with their games,
then stab you in the back, as they run away.

Never Knowing, Until The Time

I started on this earthly journey, years ago,
I have traveled, A million miles,
With no idea, how many I have left to go.
Meeting people, on both sides of our planet,

The Original Tom Maxwell
East St. Louis Illinois /now in Junction city, or Belleville, Illinois
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