The Original Tom Maxwell

The Original Tom Maxwell
East St. Louis Illinois /now in Junction city, or Belleville, Illinois

The Original Tom Maxwell Poems

When you want, something new in your life,
You must be open, to change,
You can't' just rely on others,
To follow, and rearrange.

Think about those worms, that wiggle through the land,
they loosen up the soil, so the roots of plants, can expand,

Those plants give off oxygen, to support life on this earth each day,

Under the light blue morning sky,
in the wood's, I can pick out the oak trees,
Their leaves, brown, always last to fall,
As I turn my neck, two deer walk by.

We use to be close, always together,
Shared good times, and helped each other, through bad weather.
There were few days, you would see us apart,
We had a friendship that connected, right from the start.

I stare at the white ice crystals,
As they fall, so peacefully to the ground,
They travel so far, floating free,
When they land, never making a sound.

Outlaws from the past, old gray hair men today,
Exploring on Harley Davidson"s, mind entertaining down highways.

Hair blowing in the wind, their noses on the white lines,

I've been writing seventeen years,
Is it my purpose, in this life,
or am I that board, o'h so dear.

Many times, when we are lost,
We look up, to stare at the sky,
All we can see, are the clouds, passing by,
Never giving a thought of, other planets, up so high.

Our world seem to produce, more thieves & liars everyday,
they will gain your trust, with their games,
then stab you in the back, as they run away.

How long could you keep others interested,
Discussing, hobbies, personal things you do,
Not those once a year, experiences,
The things you create, build, work on,

I started on this earthly journey, years ago,
I have traveled, A million miles,
With no idea, how many I have left to go.
Meeting people, on both sides of our planet,

Looking for changes, to come my way,
Staring out my window today,
Thinking, all the parts I've played,
Chasing sour dreams, I never found,

As humans we should be the most important creatures, to each other,
in this world today, why are so many homeless, and we let dogs live,
in our homes, and rule the house where they stay.

Standing on the beach,
sand between my toes,
many birds, circling,
flying by so low.

This life, we are traveling through,
Our classroom, to learn, respect,
Very important, accept, be thankful,
So much to explore, always try,

My parents are so special to me,
for without their love, I would not be.

They brought my spirit, into this life,

The lucky ones are those, who survive,
The longest healthy years, they have the most memories,
Friendly faces, special places, along with many smiles and tears.

As humans, we each have an ego, and our soul,
We must try to balance them, they have,
Almost opposite roles.
The soul looks at ourselves, inside, the ego,

Almost everyone thinks, they will be remembered forever,
has the thought ever came into your mind,
in reality, each of us are like a rain drop in the ocean,
over the history of time.

As we journey, traveling through this life,
we were placed here to learn & share knowledge,
along with our memories, experiences, from our past,
with just one of our goals, leaving behind a better planet,

The Original Tom Maxwell Biography

I was the youngest of a family of five, and at age 61, I was the last alive, the lady I was married to passed, no children, like starting a second life. retired, I owned/president of Green Lawns Inc. for almost 40 yrs, also a bartender, and professor at a local college, and a certified firefighter, emergency medical, and rescue technician, I was a fireman for six years Now 63 had no interest in reading or writing, until I started by accident at age 45. I also write songs, sing, play music. Now I am a Musicologist, into Phraseology. Staying positive, never knowing, when I will truly know my purpose, or when I will live the best day of this life...I love writing poems, I don't follow any of the list or types of poetry, I write the way I think and feel honesty. I'll keep writing, as long as the words come out of my pencil.. July 2021 Ginger my mom & dad's old lab dog passed, my last attachment to our family, now I plan to do some traveling in my RV, see what the future, has for me to see...while I share the energy inside of me)

The Best Poem Of The Original Tom Maxwell

Dreams & Plans

When you want, something new in your life,
You must be open, to change,
You can't' just rely on others,
To follow, and rearrange.

If your always on the hunt,
Trying to be first, at the firing line,
It's easy to lose track, of your goals,
Dreams & plans, over time.

There are certain, moments,
We have to, change & act our age,
We can not return, to our childhood days,
A part of our life, we have planet earth, as our stage,

Never sell out your soul,
For the excitement, of one day,
There are times, we must say no,
Be proud of ourselves, smile and walk away.

Tom Maxwell ©
2/28/2020 AD
6: 15 AM

The Original Tom Maxwell Comments

The Original Tom Maxwell Quotes

The memories we collect, are the words we say, and our thoughts will change, everyday

Music is A key, to open memories in our mind, without trying, we remember lyrics of songs, during this life time

Music is A key, to open memories in our mind, without trying, we remember lyrics of songs, during this life time

Understanding the past, during these modern times, Can confuse our journey, Hard to comprehend, in our mind.

Finding A new direction is hard, at any age, especially when your all alone, standing at center stage

We were each created differently, abilities, weaknesses, and strengths. Always be strong, do not let the thought of failure, hold you back from your dreams

It's easy to follow someone, if they can get, have, what we want, or like to do, Only spend time with people, who are willing to spend their time with you.

We were a dream to our parents, we dream everyday of our lif.e, after we pass those who loved, dream of us.

We can not measure, how long we will live, until the end, or how much trust we have, . between our friends

We are tested in life, in so many ways, believe me the hardest, is when someone we love, journeys to their next life, always a cloudy day.

The reality of dying won't turn you into an angel, or a wise man, from years back far, it will show you, what your present life was, to be, and who you really are.

For most of us, who live long enough, during our turn, the only gold, we will see in our golden years, will be in our urine.

Your getting old, when the only thing, you worry about coming everyday, is the mail.

We can not move the roads, we walk, although, we can change, our direction.

Don't give up, if something takes more time than planned, the extra effort, can perfect your talent, then it is easier, to move on and expand

Knowing what is right, still doing wrong, will always lead, to running in circles, like a record skipping, playing the same note of a song.

The words we say, how honest they are, make us and the difference, if you want a friendship, to go far

The past is over, the future is here, today will be gone tomorrow, a few minutes ago, will soon be last year

There are so many people, who say they never lie, they just make up stories, concealing the truth, inside. Tom Maxwell 2004

The powerful wind, can make tall waves, in any ocean, or sea, the wind it self, you can only imagine, for your eyes, will never see.

Sometimes I believe, if people, did not have stories, to complain about, within their mind, there would not be many conversations, during our time. Tom Maxwell 2005

A man who walks around all day, with hand in his pocket, is feeling cocky.

Sex is more of a pleasure, to women, we must remember, when you ear itches, you insert finger, wiggle it around, pull it out, which feels better

As we ride on planet earth, as it orbits, towards the end of the day, it appears, as if the sun is falling, to the west, fading away. Tom Maxwell 2005

Never dream for to many things, at one time, if you do, and one comes true, you might not realize it, for years later in your mind

How do you feel, what do you do, when I am alone writing about you.

The years of our life, just numbers, in time, our age, is how we think, and act with our mind

Always remember the importance, of every single day, For it could be your last, or just a stepping stone, As you travel on your way.

If a long lost friend, ever takes time to give you a second chance, let them know how special they are, try to repair that broken branch

A wasted day, can not be recycled

When we want something to change, in our life, The first thing we need to look at, is our attitude

Dust is a protective covering on my furniture!

Many people in this world, sleep outside with only A sidewalk to rest their head, while thousands of shedding, so called pets, lay comfortable on their humans bed!

Being happy, creative, and imaginative, Come from our mind, they are feelings, thoughts, That we construct ourselves, over time

Time is an element, that often seems to get in our way, it will always be in our life, every second, until the end of our stay

We all like, when complements are aimed our way, Why do bad stories, about others take so long, usually the good, only a few words are said.

Take time to love those, who are alive, Their love is there, to feel and see, For in the future, You may be shedding, many tears, Of memories for them, Like me' Tom Maxwell Copyright 5/3/2020

Our actions today, create memories, for tomorrow, Some bring happiness, others we feel sorrow, If you want to rearrange, do it today, There will be a time, you will not see a tomorrow.

Our actions today, create memories, for tomorrow, Some bring happiness, others we feel sorrow, If you want to rearrange, do it today, There will be a time, you will not see a tomorrow.

The passed travels, within my soul, mixed with messages, my spirit delivers to me, I write in words, how this life, Could be.

Dreaming of tomorrow, while looking at our past, never for certain, what the future will bring, or how long our travel will last.

We dream about many things, often we do not realize, when we are living a dream, we are so enjoying, the pleasure, it brings...

The changing of the seasons, separates our weather, a reminder to all, none of us will be in this life forever...

As many dreams pass through our mind, we try to catch those, with a special message or sign.

True love does exist in our world today, as long as those involved have the same meaning of the words, in their mind.

Why would you want to live forever, When you get board, on A rainy day!

Always reach for the sky, if you don't make it, at least you won't land on the ground, face first

Change the way you think, and everything around you, will change'

When we cry at someone's funeral or grave, we are thinking, of what we wanted to do, or say.

God Created Humans, then humans, created money, which is talked about, worshiped more, each day.

The Original Tom Maxwell Popularity

The Original Tom Maxwell Popularity

The Original Tom Maxwell
East St. Louis Illinois /now in Junction city, or Belleville, Illinois
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