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I scour the cottage for signs of past presence
L ike a famished orphan at the erstwhile site
O f a long-spilled rice-sack, grubbing some essence,
V estige of sustenance. Hope gutters fitfully not quite

A Muse Whispers

A Muse whispers
and the soul's pricked-up, hand cupped ear
strains hard to catch each syllable
wafting over memory's embers

To The Over-Tender

The mind and heart sustain contusions
By jumping to the wrong conclusions
And intellect, perhaps, divines
Too much by reading twixt the lines

A Child's View

If only I wuz President
I'd work from dusk till dawn
To build another Disneyland
Upon the Whitehouse lawn


A line of doggerel? Poor enough in truth,
For one so rich in spirit. Yet I won

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Yawn....big've cured my insomnia....and again...if you've read one - you've read them all. Nothing new here.

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Teacher for 15years 'til they realised I was so useless they kicked me upstairs and made me an adviser
The Hills and the Sea are in my blood My favourite quotation: - It's Better to keep your mouth shut and appear a fool than to open it and remove all doubt

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