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1. Images 7/15/2012
2. Gestures 7/15/2012
3. Histories 7/15/2012
4. Doubting 7/15/2012
5. Covering 7/18/2012
6. Songs Of Arousal 7/18/2012
7. Shadow Stories 7/19/2012
8. A Touch Of Silky Cool 7/20/2012
9. Ocean Voices 7/27/2012
10. A Covering Of Dappled Clouds 7/31/2012
11. Everyday Tokens Of Necessary Things 9/7/2012
12. Cinnamon Scented Images 9/13/2012
13. Just A Breath Later 9/26/2012
14. Comfort Closer 7/26/2012
15. Dulcet Tones 8/19/2012
16. Violin Flavored Voices 7/22/2012
17. Waters Of Your Repose 8/9/2012

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Best Poem of Tracey Witt

Waters Of Your Repose

Rose petal softness awakening
with a silky essence of dawn,
misty light dreams of indigo reflections
remembered but for a moment...

I turn to see you
Still in the deep of slumber,
A slight rise and fall of your breathing.

Oh that I could dive into the waters of your repose,
Illumed but by the inner fires of your spirit.
Swimming naked together
In the freedom of your soul.

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Looking down from above watching the conversation
words are heard
but not understood,
trust no one,
wanting to believe.
Sleepless nights deep in thought,
the abacus of the mind
can't add up all of the clues
questions go unanswered

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