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But I’m not the puzzle
I’m just a piece with the rest
Being put together

It’s funny how much you know some
And it’s funny how little you know some

It’s funny how much support
You receive at one’s passing

I laughed and I joked
As if you were still here
But the day you left
A huge part of me went



It takes strength
It takes courage
It is never a sign of weakness
It can genuinely be offered

Two hearts that is willing
To love and obey
Two hearts that is willing
To sacrifice and share

On this very day
Today a special day
A match made in heaven
Two individuals becoming one

A distance shared
A wall built up
A view from a far
On a cold but sunny morn

I stood by the huge window
just staring outside
The days and nights I’d spent
praying, pleading to God to make all be well

Closer than you imagine
Can you feel my warmth
Like an object caught on fire
And the flame brightly burning


The dream of all dreams
To live and be free
To explore without fear
Like the aeroplanes that journey


Love knows no limit
It brings many together
From different walks of life

Whenever and wherever
Each time you look at us
You’re always going to see her
Images of her beauty

You’ve inspired me in ways
It’s so unbelievable
You give me hope
In spite of everything

Under the blue sky
I am waiting for you
White sand on the beach
And a hammock for resting

The urge to happiness
But somehow it feels wrong
The need for closure
But there are many unanswered questions

If you have ever loved
Feelings you will understand
If you have ever been hurt
You will know the nature of pain

The secret in their eyes
Their lives and their stories
Their hearts are known
Transparent to the one

Though it’s always in my heart
And my Saviour knows it too
I sometimes forget or even shy away
It’s a combination of two words

Silence through hurt
The torture of souls
A door that is closed
Only truth can unlock

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Poet....Lover of God. Writing to inspire and express My inspiration to write comes from all walks of life.)

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I’m A Piece Of A Puzzle

But I’m not the puzzle
I’m just a piece with the rest
Being put together

I’m a piece of a puzzle
Created for a reason
A mystery unto many
But not to the creator

I’m a piece of a puzzle
That needs to be connected
Along with the other pieces
Scattered here and there

I’m a piece of a puzzle
But I’m not the puzzle
Being worked on daily
To shape something beautiful

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Tracia Love Shalom Popularity

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