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Trade Martin Poems

41. Mystique Freak 8/26/2006
42. My Illusive, Second Invisible Poem 9/6/2006
43. She Loved The Big Bang Theory 9/8/2006
44. Pledging My Life To The Lord” 9/10/2006
45. The Day Before The Day – 9/10 9/11/2006
46. Romance Intensified 9/11/2006
47. Your Love 6/27/2006
48. The People Want Peace 6/27/2006
49. I Can’t Repeat The Dream 6/29/2006
50. I Wanted To See You Before 6/29/2006
51. Wondrous Blessing 6/29/2006
52. Please Don’t Tell Anyone About This 7/4/2006
53. Keep It Liberal And Loose 9/22/2006
54. The Last Breath Of Life Proceeds Death 9/27/2006
55. Popeye Defends Spinach 9/27/2006
56. The Punk Who Shot The Deputy 9/29/2006
57. My Freak 10/11/2006
58. Poemhunter-Poemhunter 10/13/2006
59. I’d Love To Stop Loving You 10/23/2006
60. Snow Light, Snow Bright On Christmas 2/16/2007
61. Oh Heavenly Christmas Rainbow 2/23/2007
62. You’re So Mysterious 4/22/2007
63. Rockin' With The Super Hero Sawnman 5/1/2007
64. Prayer For All Fathers 6/13/2007
65. Stupid Is As Idiots Do (Volume Two) 4/2/2011
66. Brilliant Genius, April Fool So Tedious 4/1/2011
67. 'You'Re My Only Prayer' (T.M.'s Doo-Wop Poem) 6/9/2006
68. 'You Looked Great From Far Away' 7/7/2006
69. 'Wiped' 6/14/2006
70. 'Wild Destruction' 6/30/2006
71. 'X Planet X' 6/15/2006
72. 'Witness The Sunrise' 7/4/2006
73. 'Whole Other Level' 6/19/2006
74. 'Weapons Of Mass Destruction' 7/1/2006
75. 'Weakness Of Loneliness' 6/20/2006
76. We Miss Christmas 5/2/2007
77. 'We Are America' 6/15/2006
78. 'War Is Dead Wrong' 7/1/2006
79. 'Vision Of Peace' 6/11/2006
80. 'Uptight Lady' 6/18/2006

Comments about Trade Martin

  • Michael Pruchnicki (2/28/2008 8:06:00 AM)

    Bit overwrought, don't you think? That 'Where's Mr Class? ? ? ' you posted. You claim to be a writer of some repute, and you think this assault is good work? What bothers you about this guy?

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  • Kasia McGee (2/3/2008 4:12:00 PM)

    omg this is a really good pooem, one of the best poems i have read in a long time. and i know what your saying i agree with you tottlay keep it up. kasia

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  • Adeniyi Andu (2/1/2008 1:32:00 PM)

    NOT very talented. Has no style. Might as well stick to writing straight forward speeches instead of poems. Treatment of topics reflect surface thinking no doubt, which continually and conventionally should offend sensible people. Your poems are thoughtless, and implies you are a shortsighted individual who is yet to see the truth of the matter, which and shall be justice to the oppressed. It is ordained victory one way or the other. And keep in mind, there is oppositon to the evil ones till the day we shall be raised in times of weakness and strength.

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  • bob eichen (9/14/2007 9:29:00 PM)

    Happa Nappa Sacky, Two Balls By Cracky! Keep 'er comin'

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  • Johnny Gilmore (9/2/2007 3:09:00 PM)

    Multi talented individual with diverse interests for sure. Makes me want to kick back and read!

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  • Arturo Rosaro (9/2/2007 2:34:00 PM)

    The man is a genius...brilliant creative

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  • Ann Bell (8/6/2007 11:52:00 PM)

    much to learn from you

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  • poetry lover (5/26/2007 12:08:00 PM)

    He is a wanna be poet what he says & what he claims to be are two seperate things.

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  • Jeff Rubin (4/20/2007 1:29:00 AM)

    A true philosopher and free thinker for the new millennium! ! ! His thoughts are like an explosion of light illuminating the darkness of a tunnel vision oriented society! ! ! !

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  • Buried Alive (12/22/2006 11:59:00 AM)

    its a great unstable poem!

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Best Poem of Trade Martin

You’ve Been Our Inspiration

We look to you…., to be our guide….,
Our hearts can feel you…., by our side….,
Deep in our souls…, we're convinced…,
You’ve Been Our Inspiration….,
You’ve Been Our Inspiration.

Can you realize…., all you are…,
Something more…, than just a star….,
Through ups and downs….,
From where we came….,
Confidence kicked in….,
And who’s to blame….? ? ?
No doubt it’s you….,
You, you, you….,
We're blessed by you....,
You’ve Been Our Inspiration….,
You’ve Been Our Inspiration.

Read the full of You’ve Been Our Inspiration

'Itchy Feeling'

Never easy to explain....,
That Itchy Feeling...,
Lots of directions to go....,
Which way, I don't no...,
'Gotta decide...,
Where to play the show...,
Take a ride, clear my head...,
Change my focus...,
Divert my thoughts...,

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