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Trade Martin Poems

1. Six, Six, O-Six 6/6/2006
2. 'A Candle's Flame' (Tribute To Sid Seidenberg) 6/7/2006
3. 'Take A Look Into My Heart' 6/9/2006
4. 'Picture Perfect' 6/11/2006
5. 'I Can'T Think Now' 6/11/2006
6. 'Clouds' 6/11/2006
7. 'Prayer For The World' 6/13/2006
8. 'Just My Imagination' 6/15/2006
9. Lips Of Love 6/15/2006
10. Know Your Name 6/15/2006
11. Fantasy Wish 6/15/2006
12. Secret In My Soul 6/15/2006
13. Quivering Sparrow 6/15/2006
14. Oblique Critique 6/15/2006
15. 'You Violate My Dreams' 6/10/2006
16. 'Say What You Mean' 6/10/2006
17. 'The Greatest American Legend' 6/25/2006
18. Please Do Not Read This 6/12/2006
19. Global Warming 6/21/2006
20. Sadness Is Today 6/23/2006
21. This Morning As I Awakened 7/9/2006
22. There’s No Better Comfort Than The Lord 7/11/2006
23. To Know You Were There 7/13/2006
24. I Could Fall In Love With You 7/13/2006
25. Prayer Of All Prayers 7/13/2006
26. When You’re Amorous 7/14/2006
27. Damn Right I Care 7/14/2006
28. Stunned 7/14/2006
29. Our Sun (An Amazing Ball Of Fire) 7/15/2006
30. Ode To The All-Knowing, Smarter People 7/16/2006
31. Fools On Parade 7/20/2006
32. “a Liberal’s Wrath” 7/21/2006
33. Invisible Heart 7/26/2006
34. Lord, Hear Us Worship You 7/26/2006
35. My Hatred For Love 7/31/2006
36. Special Message To All The Fine Poets 8/9/2006
37. Thank You Normen 8/9/2006
38. We’ve Got To Praise Him 8/9/2006
39. Serious Or Delirious? 8/17/2006
40. The Sarcastic Crotch 8/25/2006
Best Poem of Trade Martin

You’ve Been Our Inspiration

We look to you…., to be our guide….,
Our hearts can feel you…., by our side….,
Deep in our souls…, we're convinced…,
You’ve Been Our Inspiration….,
You’ve Been Our Inspiration.

Can you realize…., all you are…,
Something more…, than just a star….,
Through ups and downs….,
From where we came….,
Confidence kicked in….,
And who’s to blame….? ? ?
No doubt it’s you….,
You, you, you….,
We're blessed by you....,
You’ve Been Our Inspiration….,
You’ve Been Our Inspiration.

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Proud Old Glory

I am the blood, I am the soul
I am the essence of liberty, so bold
I am the heart, I am the life
I am the dream and the vision, all that's right
I am the hope, I am the truth
I am the faith and the spirit of the aged and the youth
I am the warmth, I am the breath
I am the peace and the honor, life and death
I am justice, I am love

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