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Trade Martin is a professional lyricist, composer, arranger, orchestrator, producer, recording and performing entertainer & vocalist. Martin directs and oversees a staff of six expert writers for his publishing company and besides hundreds of musical jingles, has written radio and TV copy for major advertisers for many years. While spending most of ...

Trade Martin Poems

You’ve Been Our Inspiration

We look to you…., to be our guide….,
Our hearts can feel you…., by our side….,
Deep in our souls…, we're convinced…,
You’ve Been Our Inspiration….,

Poemhunter Sitcom Skirmish Has Me Hysterical

OK, everyone involved…..,
I’m stayin’ on the sidelines…..,
Can’t get in the middle of this one….,
You’re all too strong for me…..,

'Lord Give Us The Strength'

Lord Give Us The Strength.....,
To suppress our fears....,
Lord Give Us The Strength....,
To fight our tears....,

'I Believe In America'

I Believe In America…., we’re a nation of hopes and dreams…..,
Sweet freedom will fill our needs…., I Believe In America.

I Believe In America…., I believe we must fight for peace….,

(valentine's Day) 'Romance, Emotion, Passion, And Love'

You'll never lose….., for it fills your heart……,
Instantly you feel it….., when Cupid shoots his dart……,
Now you won't be lonely…., ever again……,
For God has smiled on you from Heaven above……,

Trade Martin Comments

Catrina Heart 22 January 2009

Trade Martin a fine poet, singer and song writer...multi talented human being...His video New York... is so awesome. A man who has a golden voice... I love your poetry Divine Valentine it is a poignant composition ready to become a song... Hats off Sir! ! !

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Greenwolfe 1962 07 June 2008

I tried to coment about a poem I read but I couldn't so I just came here. Thought I'd say a word about you as a writer. You are very creative at the beginning about the title and such. You know how to get the attention of the reader. Its just that your content fails to deliver on the headline and you really have trouble ending things. If you could clean that up, you might just hsve something. See, now that wasn't so bad, now was it? Wolfeman

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Tsira Goge 25 May 2008

'Zenith' ............ Do not look downwards, - you speak reasonably... It is really dangerous. Of that high reached top, that it is sick falling on the earth... I wish good luck in zenith, Trade. Tsira

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Tsira Goge 25 April 2008

' He’d say, “In God we trust……, All Others Pay Cash”…….! ! ! ' You have magnificent an uncle. It possesses wise philosophy perfectly well. Thanks about, Tsira

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Michael Pruchnicki 28 February 2008

Bit overwrought, don't you think? That 'Where's Mr Class? ? ? ' you posted. You claim to be a writer of some repute, and you think this assault is good work? What bothers you about this guy?

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sdvsvds 27 January 2020

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Merian Jerry 23 October 2009

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Albert Jones 27 May 2009

for gods sake, take responsibility for your own life, or is god to blame for all the holy wars that are going on.. or is that just american politics.

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Noel Horlanda 27 March 2009

Hi Trade, I just read one of your creations 'Quest to Kill All Infidels' What I can say about this is completely true. Obviously you're referring to the believers of Islam. We call us infidels because we are non-believers. It is also the same when we speak of Judaism where in the Jews called the non-believers as Gentiles. Now, in every religious group there are fanatics and this is I what I call the 'misguided people'. I feel sorry for them whether they are Muslims, Zionist, Catholics, Bhuddists, whatever, somebody has to send them to a correctional institution for rehabilation or re-education. Right? Atta boy, Trade!

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Fathmath Sana 10 March 2009

that love poem was umm bad, does not have sense!

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