Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal Tree Poems

As Tree Humbles

I feel silent and dumb
As I am not in position to raise thumb
For my contribution toward poetical activities
May be it is lacking some of the best qualities

X-Mas Tree

X-mas tree for all those
Tuesday,25th December 2018

Yes, remember all those

Man Under Tree

Man under tree

World can never be same
As we claim

Whole Tree

Yes whole tree
Stood as free
To serve the land
For foes and friends

Ancient Tree

Billions of faces made by almighty
Each face has differs slightly
Somewhere only it may have resemblance
You call it as one in million chances

Tree Bears Fruit

Tree bears fruit
After hard efforts
It comes in long way
To enjoy with happiness in any way

As Tree

If option is given to you
How best you can prove it as true?
Would you prefer to see it later and view?

As Big Tree

As big tree

I could not hide emotions
When witnessed such relation

Cool Under Tree

You were making me happy
But very second moment causing sorry
For it was never a fun
As I had thought of no running away

On Tree Top

I was feeling like on tree top
There was no one to stop
The branches were strong
The birds were chirping with like songs

Pentasi B -Big Tree

Pentasi B- Big tree
Friday,9th October 2020

What perseverance!

Tree Provides

I speak to no one
But go alone
In search of mental peace
I find it under the trees

Fallen Like Tree

It crashed me like fallen tree
I was suddenly made aware that I am not free
Whole world has ganged up against me to force
Forget them altogether and cry with remorse

Christmas Tree

Christmas tree
Saturday, December 12,2020
6: 34 AM

Tree And Green Leaves

Tree and greenleaves
Tuesday, September 24,2019
1: 25 PM

Banyan Tree

Banyan tree

We are now Banyan tree and size very vast
Very big and enough to house members to last

Banyan Tree Here

Banyan tree

Monday, January 8,2018
7: 31 AM

Dry Leaves On The Tree

Dry leaves on the tree
Monday.2nd November 2020

We vowed to remain together

Giant Tree

Giant tree

Where will you go?
Is there any place to show?

Stone At Tree

I threw the stone at tree
Fruit fell down and came in hand as free
What a gesture by dead object?
Compassionate and liberal act

Shed Under Tree

I am misunderstood by my actions
I can visibly read their reactions
Neither can I claim that good
Not I perform poorly or that bad