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My Poems Are Just A Way To Let Out My Feelings And Thoughts Because I Don't Really Talk Much About My Personal Stuff And Yep, I Guess It's Just A Vent For Me.. Well Have A Good One

Turuz Hautapu Poems

I Saw You

I saw you today, and my heart jumped
I saw you today, and I ran away
I saw you today, and you didn't look too bad
I saw you today, and I wanted to die

Run Away

I want to fly
Fly away from this pain that haunts me
I want to swim
Swim from the faces that stare

Happy Times…≫

Happy times come
Happy times go
When you're happy
Everyone is in the know

If Only

If only you could feel
That the love I feel is truly real
If only we could see
The love you've given me

You Make Me Weak

How is it after just one word from you, i become mute
After one phone call, i become someone i'm not
After one little text, i can be the happiest or most depressed person alive
After one fluke moment, i meet you

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