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This place is foggy,
Infested with haze,
I am still groggy,
As I crawl through this maze

You and I are two special sauce beef patties on a sesame seed bun,
Meant to be together, meant to have fun,
Exactly the same in every single way,
Destined to be together forever and a day,

Three hours of flowers once again,
And we were never promised a rose garden,
Take the time to be true, exactly who we are,
As we dance among the twisted moon and tangled stars.

I am embarrassed beyond all mention,
A slave for your attention,
How can I be so pathetic?
For a heart so prosthetic.

Just be silent,
There’s no point in talking when nobody’s listening,
Beautiful and violent,
How the cold and red rain is still glistening.

The truth shall set you free?
Well I guess it did for me,
I am free of a happy family,
My father in prison for two, maybe three,

I make up memories in my head,
Of us rolling around smiling in a bed,
And I listen to the words you never said,
At this moment my heart is warm and I smile.

Me and you are kinetic balls on a pendulum,
Our lovers come and go,
Bouncing off of us, sometimes violently,
But no matter what happens,


I have so much energy inside,
I want to take the world and go for a ride,
Confetti, hate and sex passing me by,
The world getting me high.

I stare at a white screen
As hollow as my dreams
I look up at the sky
If it is real then I will fry

I have tried my best and done all that I can,
And the answer is no, I've actually never felt like less of a man,
I obsess and I slave, in my efforts to make you smile,
Knowing full well you'll be writing another sad poem about me in a little while.

For every minute you are killing,
Unless it is unwilling,
Count on me to be there.

We are told to be proud of who we are,
We embrace this false pride so that we can believe in something,
But we can only take this so far,
It’s hard to be proud when you’re practically nothing

With such eloquent apathy,

Here I am, Bathed in your possession,
Going crazy, over my obsession,
The best thing in my life, I regret,
Such trivial and meaningless reasons to be upset.


You left us all, before you even came,
You changed us all, we'll never be the same,
We never got to play a single a game,
I never got to hear you say my name.

The hardest poem for me to write,
The elusive words, just out of sight,
So I'm stuck here feeling dumb as hell,
Wondering just how to bid you all farewell.

Let the feelings be released,
For the injured and deceased,
Let the foundation be shaken,
For the lives that have been taken.

I look around me hoping to be inspired,
But all that surrounds me just makes me tired,
I want to write about something pure and true,
I want to write about something other than you.

There are many things I long to do,
But I cannot do them, So I ask you,
Tired of shame, blame, and self-doubt,
Take my insides in your hands and rip them out.

Twisted Moon Biography

I am just another number, Nothing without her, Therefore I am hollow, You should see the hearts I swallow. I am just another lost soul, In love with a fantasy, a false goal, Therefore I am stupid, I'm the man that killed cupid. I am a narcisisstic pessimist, Another name on Santa's naughty list, Therefore I am a sinner, And everything but a winner. I am grave and I am loathsome, In love with my corpus cavernosum, Therefore I'm insane, I use their tears to make it rain.)

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This place is foggy,
Infested with haze,
I am still groggy,
As I crawl through this maze

Me and you are worlds apart,
Much like my body and soul,
In the surface of my hollow heart,
An evergrowing hole

Sinking deeper into the black abyss,
Not expecting you to meet me,
All I feel is emptiness,
And I'm letting go completely

Here in the facade of falling ashes,
The people come and go,
My bitter tongue only lashes,
The people I love so dearly, never get to know

The wall withholding the world from me,
Is always growing thicker,
Embers and ashes surrounding me,
And now I'm falling even quicker

I cannot sleep at night,
Because I know I will awake,
I've got nothing left to fight,
Dear Darkness, My Soul is Yours to Take

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