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Why are my fingers constantly wrapped around this device?
Wow, it is like a remote that manipulates both of my eyes,

I like it and I've put more than a ring on it!

Calabar High School is one of the best, in the Land of Wood and Water,
For 5 years I was in its pride like a cub, it is more than my alma mater,
From there I chose to live a life of purpose which equates to a glad man,
So 'C-Bar! C-Bar! C-Bar! ', I shout it with great delight like a mad man.

In the kitchen, being a houseboy, trying to finish before dad comes home,
Then in the corners of my eyes I spotted an adventure through my front windows,
Young female residents that lived right across the road,
Outside was nice and sunny so they were in lesser and tighter clothes.

Wah gwaan? I'm at college and every semester, I'm gonna make the Dean's List,
I'm not trying to be a failure plus my folks can't afford the D's list,
What do I look like? Solidifying a stereotype by living by 'these fists'.

I tried blending in and being like everyone,
Then I recognized that normality is a realm of boredom.

Yes, having typical traits programmed me into a societal robot,

Why am I thinking so much like I am doing a crossword?
I am so engulfed with thoughts of looking back and looking forward,

I guess it is because it is the last day of the year,

Outside is abnormally cold and I cannot take it anymore,
As such I am standing awkwardly in a women's clothing store,

A matter of fact, I am completely clueless when I will be out,

That moment when everything feels so bright and free like you have exited a dark cave,
All you can do is jump and burst with happiness like popcorn in a microwave,

As such I am greatly grateful for one thing,

Dear, leather Jacket, black gloves, and purple scarf,
Without your sweet embraces of warmth I am so soft,
Because this weather makes me want to cry and barf,
Oh I wish it was like a switch that I could turn off.

Your repetitive knocks on my ears are too much,
Please, leave me alone and find a new crush,

The risk factors you possess are at an unbelievable high,

Finding truth is like looking for an ant skydiving from a plane,
It is dangerously difficult to see it if your vision is not strained.

Why is that? Well, people are afraid of bearing it all and be real,

I'm always passed the ball so that I can score and put the opponent in misery,
But in recent times I've been wasting my goals, what a mystery,
I used to be able to lock them in but now I've misplaced the key,
The one to success 'That's hard work, fool! ' shouted Mr. T.

Some weeks ago, people told me that on my head I have a sponge,
So I bobbed it with a smile like I just had dumpling and butter for lunch,
And like a squid I decided to use my ink to avoid the incoming longe,
Life is a deep blue sea of weirdness and in it I am not afraid to plunge!

As my African skin unifies with the unlit environs,
A thought presses my wrinkled mind like seven irons,
The dark skies serves as a stage for the dancing glares of light,
Enchanted with various colors, sizes and designs just for tonight.

What is the difference between having and living dreams?
The intelligence to not equip your clock with wings,
For you wouldn't want regrets to gush like perennial streams,
Within your cranium when you realize you're just a sayer of things.

Question, have your eardrums ever been banged with words so powerful,
They make your heart jump and embarrassed the earth's gravitational pull?
It's as if you have been sweet talked by a celestial lyricist of progress,
'You are already impressive, you are just adding to your impressiveness.'

Thum! Thum! On my door a shriveled-faced chimpanzee is knocking,
Yelling at me with disgust, 'You're Tyrone but you're not a king!
On paper you are just creating a stain,
To do it justice you are lacking a brain!

I better take it all in for it's almost coming to a closure,
Clothes are on me but I am being strip of my composure,
I wish I could repeat it like I'm playing that game created by Alfred Mosher,
No ifs and no buts for at this time, the most impossible dreams appear kosher.

Earlier today, I was standing as I checked the calendar on my phone,
Abruptly, I whispered to myself, 'It's the sixth of the eighth Tyrone! '
And a crazy moment occurred for I slowly nodded to myself in approval,
Like that time when the connection was lost while I spoke to an Oovoo pal,

Tyrone Gayle Biography

Just a homogrammaticus from the Land of Wood and Water with origins in the Plateau Continent who dwells in the Place of Insomniacs.)

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Smart Phone, Dumb User

Why are my fingers constantly wrapped around this device?
Wow, it is like a remote that manipulates both of my eyes,

I like it and I've put more than a ring on it!

So I guess she is my wife,
She is so good to me yet so bad to me, oh my, what a life.

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Candace 27 April 2022

so right! # smart phone, Dumb user

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