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U Win Kyi Poems

1. Mother (3) (A Deep Reflection On My Birthday.) 12/30/2007
2. Firefighter (A Brave Firefighter) 1/2/2008
3. My Father's Wallet 1/7/2008
4. Mother (2) (Our Mother Is A Typical Housewife.) 1/9/2008
5. Mother (1) (Our Sweet Mummy) 1/10/2008
6. My Father Is A Good Man 1/11/2008
7. My Father Is Always In Debt 1/12/2008
8. My Father Is Playing A Losing Game. 1/13/2008
9. Religion (6) (Mother Teresa Is Like A Giant Tall Tree) 1/13/2008
10. Religion (7) (Mother Teresa Keeps Praying For Peace) 1/14/2008
11. Love(Two Letters, One Pretty, One Ugly.) 1/15/2008
12. My Anatomy 1/16/2008
13. Bird Versus Man 1/17/2008
14. Love(Diving Love And Flying Love Are Speeding Closest) 1/18/2008
15. Love (My Computer Love) 1/20/2008
16. An Old Husband And A Bold Wife (1) (Poor Eye-Sight) 1/21/2008
17. An Old Husband And A Bold Wife (2) (Changing Trend) 1/21/2008
18. In Seeking Of Love, Some Follow Head 1/26/2008
19. In Seeking Of Love, Some Follow Heart (Part 1) 1/27/2008
20. In Seeking Of Love, Some Follow Heart (Part 2) 1/27/2008
21. An Old Husband And A Bold Wife (4) (Teeth And Tongue) 1/30/2008
22. Chinese New Year(Daughter Rat Married To Mighty Rat.) 2/6/2008
23. My Father Showed Cooking Talent In New Year. 2/8/2008
24. Chinese New Year In Taiwan 2/10/2008
25. Chinese New Year (Rat Year Living Rat Life) 2/12/2008
26. Love (Valentine's Day} 2/14/2008
27. Love (Fly-Kiss Turned Into Love-Bird) 2/17/2008
28. My Old Teachers 1/19/2008
29. Migrant Worker's Misery 2/19/2008
30. Migrant Worker's Joy 2/21/2008
31. Love (Not What Your Heart Desires) 2/21/2008
32. Promiscuous Playboy's Painful Plight 2/23/2008
33. Nostalgia For A Crowded Bus Ride. 2/27/2008
34. Nostalgia (From Jallopy To Limousine) 3/2/2008
35. Promiscuous Playboy's Painful Plight (Part 2) 3/6/2008
36. In Seeking Of Love, Some Follow Nose 3/20/2008
37. Love (Travelers Of The Same Journey) 3/27/2008
38. April Fool's Day (1) (The Foolest Of The Fool) 4/1/2008
39. Animal Right (A Hare Demands A Re-Match) 4/2/2008
40. Animal Right (A Dog Was Shot For Loyalty.) 4/6/2008

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Friendship (Friendshift, Friendshit, Friendship)

A very rich man
surrounded by many friends,
womanizing, playing poker,
wining and dining together.
Every time at his own will
he paid all the bills.
One day he went broke.
At his friends he then looked.
He found them nowhere
All disappeared like vapour.
They are now with a new rich guy.
Away from poor friend, they rapidly shy.
They have an eye for their own profit.
They are friendshift.

A group of people
mingling together.
It looked nothing different
by outside appearance.
They seemed friends of the best.
But they stabbed at ...

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My Father's Wallet

My father's wallet is empty of buck,
But full of photos of family whom he loves.
He put it not in the trouser pocket,
At the back of his ass,
But in the shirt pocket,
In front of his chest.
Underneath is where his loving and kind heart lies,
So as to remember us until he dies.

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