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281. A Sex Worker (6) (A Naked Runner) 11/7/2012
282. Chinese New Year (Dragon Or Earthworm) 2/6/2012
283. Death(No One Can Escape) 10/12/2012
284. Burma Iconic Lady Aung San Suu Kyi (Martyr Day) 7/23/2012
285. Linsanity 2/28/2012
286. A Lazy Worker And A Firing Boss. 7/25/2009
287. Friendship (Always In Touch With Friends) 12/24/2007
288. Japan Earthquake (1) 3/16/2011
289. So Embarrassed(5) (Mobile Sex) 11/9/2009
290. Love Crime(6) (Look Can Kill) 10/22/2009
291. Mother's Courage (1) 10/27/2009
292. Religion (5) (Different People, Different Prayer) 10/12/2009
293. A Random Act Of Kindness (3) (Preventing Suicide.) 9/29/2009
294. Death (1) (Not End But Begining) 8/4/2009
295. My Parents Died Of Lung Cancer. 4/12/2009
296. A Crying Monk 4/15/2009
297. A Sex Worker (2) (A Bogus Blonde Beauty) 6/11/2009
298. A Boozer's Blunder (2) (Drunk-Driving) 11/6/2008
299. Doctor (1) (A Doctor Cures The Disease, Cant'T Prevent Death) 1/1/2009
300. China (The Regret Of A Beautiful Breast) 10/23/2008
301. Subject Of Obstetrics And Gynaecology. 8/5/2008
302. Animal Right (A Dog Named Ah Pauk 'Cougar') 7/12/2008
303. Firefighter (A Brave Firefighter Fails To Fight The Flame) 6/9/2008
304. Migrant Worker's Death Of Air Hunger In Thailand. 4/14/2008
305. Animal Right (A Caged Bird Sings A Sad Song) 4/3/2008
306. Love (Breezy Melody) 2/17/2008
307. A Poor Man's Paradise (1) (Many Stars Hut) 2/3/2008
308. Love (Rainbow Bridge) 12/23/2007
309. Love (Sleep Without Wake-Up) 2/17/2008
310. An Old Husband And A Bold Wife(3) (Afraid Of Wife) 1/22/2008
311. Love(Tender Love Always Wins) 12/25/2007
312. Forgive And Forget 12/26/2007
313. An Old Husband And A Bold Wife(6) Wrinkled Tattoos. 4/24/2008
314. Food (Food Crises Solved By Stop Killing) 5/4/2008
315. Love (Alzheimer Disease As A Love Test.) 1/24/2008
316. Life & Luck (1) (Lucky Draw) 10/26/2008
317. Love (Marriage Of Convenience So Inconvenient) 11/13/2008
318. Dangerous Air Pollution. 5/22/2009
319. A Clever Public Toilet Cleaner. 9/9/2009
320. So Embarrassed (8) (Love In Handcuff) 6/5/2010

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Friendship (Friendshift, Friendshit, Friendship)

A very rich man
surrounded by many friends,
womanizing, playing poker,
wining and dining together.
Every time at his own will
he paid all the bills.
One day he went broke.
At his friends he then looked.
He found them nowhere
All disappeared like vapour.
They are now with a new rich guy.
Away from poor friend, they rapidly shy.
They have an eye for their own profit.
They are friendshift.

A group of people
mingling together.
It looked nothing different
by outside appearance.
They seemed friends of the best.
But they stabbed at ...

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My Father's Wallet

My father's wallet is empty of buck,
But full of photos of family whom he loves.
He put it not in the trouser pocket,
At the back of his ass,
But in the shirt pocket,
In front of his chest.
Underneath is where his loving and kind heart lies,
So as to remember us until he dies.

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