Firefighter (A Brave Firefighter Fails To Fight The Flame) Poem by U Win Kyi

Firefighter (A Brave Firefighter Fails To Fight The Flame)

Rating: 5.0

Whenever I go to that sandy beach,
from my heart a sorrow slowly leaks,
like water from a vast ocean,
too much with no end,
from a time so distant,
but so fresh in my memory, it never went.
Cries of sea-gull,
makes my heart numb and dull.

Every time I go to that beautiful garden,
on the ground I see the yellow dry leaves,
from the trees they have fallen,
by the gentle blowing of the breeze.
And the pretty flowers with their fragrance,
surrounded by the fluttering butterflies in their dance.
As the yellow leaves are whipped up by the whirling wind,
my sleeping heart startled by the rough awakening,
like a healing wound made raw by needle pricking.

Whenever I see that sunset in the evening,
that will bring me a sad feeling,
to my heart with a scar,
from a far.

Every time I hear that song,
my memory flashes back to the long.
It was my lover's favourite,
causing my heart a gnawing ache.
But for loving her I have no hate,
It is my destiny and fate.
Blaming other I will never make.

Whenever the night is silent and dark,
to the twinkling stars many questions I want to ask,
Why my love didn't show up,
to elope to a far, far away place,
from both sides of parents of different caste and race,
who thought our marriage would bring them a disgrace.

I am just a normal brave fire-fighting guy,
For my lover, expensive house and car I can't afford to buy.

The beach, the garden, the sunset, the song and the night,
to my almost forgotten old flame, always give a re-ignite,
to become a new flare-up of flame burning my heart with its might,
which I always fail to fight.
To escape from it, at the end of tunnel, I see no hope of light.

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