Uma Pochampalli Goparaju

Rookie - 106 Points [Uma Jiji] (10/13 / India)

Uma Pochampalli Goparaju Poems

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37. Orchid 10/11/2012
38. Love Thy Nation- Gurajada Apparao 10/19/2012
39. Hidden Sorrow - An Unfolded Agony 10/20/2012
40. You And I- Real And Virtual 10/20/2012
Best Poem of Uma Pochampalli Goparaju

The Moonlit Night And The Stars And Us

What is a song that keeps going
Without the rhyme and rhythm that you make!
Will that be a night without a star in the sky?
Hey come dance with me to the rhythm
For the night is too young to pass away sleeping
Come lets celebrate while singing in arm and arm and once again 
 Let the moonlight shine the night as we keep moving with the beat 

Why does the wind carry such loud notes
 As if the mountains are rumbling
 As if the oceans are raging
Will that be someone who lost their love
Is the rage from the burning night with the heart singing songs of ...

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A Spirit Like A Beacon!

Like a bubbling spring she was
When I saw her the first time!
She was all over the place
Laughing and running, and playing
It was as if you want to hold
A bunch of flowers all in your hand
Some would just go out into the cold
As you do not want to cause folds
She was ethereal, I thought

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