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When she speaks, listen
When she does not speak, listen to her unspoken words
When she cries, comfort her
When she raises her voice, speak softly...

he loved her
as the ocean loves the shore
to him, she was everything...
but to her, he was just a thing


They come along looking beautiful and right
And I think, oh I've found my ms right

I used to call u my brother
non other was sweeter
every time things got bitter
u made it better...

Hush! ! !
Here she comes, my Crush
she looks so Lush
I Gushed


You said, 'i will never leave your side'
'we will never part'

its a great risk when you let someone into your life
'cause you might end up with regrets
but it also shows massive strength and courage
'cause if you don't let it come



Grief Series

Oh Death

Lil Mama

I have a brother
I have a sister



I wanna feel

War Against Demons

Night time is the time
Time to make war



They have flaws
Yet they want you to be perfect

If you are reading this
Then it's too late, Am Gone
You tell me he is the one for you
But he is just not right for you


Kind words cost nothing
Try to be kind always
When it seems impossible
Try not to be cruel

Numb (2)

Time after time
You hurt me

When the sky falls apart...
and the world is brought to it's knees...
When the mountains crumbles...
and the trees lose their root...


It's been months you left
Many nights I wept

I feel used
But I still miss you
Without you am a mess
But that's on you

I said I would change for no one
I wouldn't change nothing
But the way you love
It changes me...

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Am a Nigerian... I reside in Lagos... A graduate of University of Lagis (UNILAG) ... I Studied Accounting... but i have a great passion for Art... drawings... paintings... music... poems... quotes... I write poems as an hobby... Writing poems affords me a means of expressing myself like no other... 'cause i let my heart out... I love playing games & soccer... listening to music... reading novels... I love Manchester United FC (MUFC) ... My favorite singer is Celine Dion... My favorite novelist is Nora Robert... Shakesphere is my favourite poet... Am a new level of crazy (a singularity) I do the unexpected... I even surprise myself... guess am simply awesome...)

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Hell Has No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

When she speaks, listen
When she does not speak, listen to her unspoken words
When she cries, comfort her
When she raises her voice, speak softly...

When she makes her mistakes, correct her but do not judge her
When she fails, don't give up on her
When she succeeds, celebrate her
When she dreams, tell her she can achieve it...

When she asks you a question, never lie to her
When you hurt her, make it up to her
When she is scared, protect her
When she is lost, guide her...

When she is in need, provide for her
When she is sad, share her burden
When she is down lift her up
When she is happy, share her delight...

When she offends you, forgive her
When she rejects you & tell u she does not need you, never leave her side
When she is broken, fix her
When she can't be fixed, love her for who she is...

When you make a promise to her, never break it
When you can't understand her, trust and support her
Love her like a Baby
But treat her like a Lady...

When she loves you do not take her for granted
When she gives you her heart keep it safe
When she gives you her body cherish it
Fail to do this
Then you find out first hand
That 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'...

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