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A reviewer, storyteller, writer, & librarian. Current reviews are in The Ruach: newsletter of Temple Isaiah, Lafayette, California. Quote: 'Val could read the phone book and make it sound good! ' A podcast of Val reading Gershon's Monster is at http: //
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Elizabeth Emerick Wilholt 30 August 2008

Val is a very talented and accomplished poet. And a gorgeous redhead to boot!

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The Best Poem Of Val Morehouse

Winter People

Faces of natives turn inward
like talk in uncertain throats.

Small replicas of life eclipse
inside shuttered eyes,
narrow horizons between stones,
and still ponds, frayed with
pitchpine and knotted oak,
tinder of witches.
Underneath pewter skies they winter
through fog where only ice is genuine;

And it spare as a puritan,
with the color of silver.

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Val Morehouse Popularity

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