valya madden

Rookie (may 15 1997 / russa)

valya madden Poems

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16. Suicide Lovers 5/25/2011
17. Andy Sixx 5/26/2011
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Suicide Lovers

suicide lovers 6x
suicide lovers are always there in the dark still together
still huging eachother still holding eachother up
suicide lovers are the only ones in the dark
shering ther feeling and shering ther thoughts
feeling pain and feeling love thinking about dieing
and thinking about been with eachotherno matter what
they talk about how there going to die together
holding hands and deareming about the day that comes

suicide lovers are the only ones int he dark still
hugging eachother and holding eachother up dreaming
about love and dreaming about the ...

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love runs through my heart
i can't belive it's true
i thought love was a made up myth
but then i found you
i can't belive true love has come
come to a non-beliver of it
love will break your heart
it will teare you appart
it will destroy whats right

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