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Young lovers entwined on the grass
On a beautiful hot summer's day;
Weary new parents breaking into a smile
As they watch their kids giggle and play.

Every day i wake up.
Every day i live my life.
Every day i see you,
But your heart pulsates with a beat true to someone else.

Was i wrong to think you cared about me?
Am i right to think that you don't?
All i wanted was to gain your love -
Is it obvious that i won't?

What is love?
An abstract word thrown recklessly about,
in this modern age of chaos.
Uttered between emotionally charged individuals,

Trudging through a crystal encrusted blanket of cotton snow,
A solitary light casts a prism of sparkles;
Surrounding, consuming, but i remain dark and dull,
I look back and see my footprints.

One day in front of a TV show,
My young child turned to me,
And asked with innocence in his face and heart
'Do you believe in God, Mommy? '

Every time you glance my way
My heart is moved to tears;
Praying that you'll embrace a love
That conquers all of my fears.

What becomes of the broken hearted?
Do the wounds ever truly heal?
Or will they simply be masked over
With another laugh, another smile?

I stand in the arch of a doorway
Looking into a dimly lit room;
I smile as i see my beautiful friend,
Just watching TV in the gloom.

There's a red silken dress
Hanging up on my wall,
With cascades of lush fabric
Swaying in sinuous folds,

The pills are there, lined up,
And I'm counting, counting, counting -
Breathing in, psyching myself;
Suddenly there don't seem so many

They lie there in their autumn coats
of brown and gold and green,
crackling, crunching and crisply rustling,
As the wind romances them with whispered secrets.

Lying awake at night,
My thoughts filter through an hour glass,
Melancholia thunders incessantly,
Against my fragile heart.

Sitting here alone, my heart bursting free,
As i wait for the phone to ring:
To give me the sign that i implore,
To show that you really care.

What if you don't love me?
What happens if you do?
What if you decide to phone me,
Or what if i phone you?

When you were sitting by my side,
My heart began to pound,
With wistfulness as i realise
That i need you to be around.

A sea of faces wait expectantly,
Watching, smiling, caring,
Enveloping you with loving gazes,
As you open a much adored gift.

One day she'll appear to you,
Your starry eyed vision of splendour;
In a delicate mist of unparalleled beauty,
With a heart so young a tender.


Losing hope, i stumbled and fell,
Falling into the cravasse of desrepair;
Tumbling, twirling in the consuming dark,
As my beliefs teetered on the rocks.

Confined to the darkest cell of a room,
I gaze out the window and dream -
My mind wanders back to how lucky I am,
And i can't help but squiggle and beam.

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Beautiful World

Young lovers entwined on the grass
On a beautiful hot summer's day;
Weary new parents breaking into a smile
As they watch their kids giggle and play.

The excited shriek of a bubbling child
As Christmas Day dawns clear;
Old grannies bumbling and grumbling
About all those 'prices so dear! '

The peaceful look on a wrinkled man's face
As he reminisces on times gone past;
The perfect layer of untrodden snow
And the prisms of light that it casts.

The purpley orange setting sun -
Sure to rise pure and bright in the morn;
The cloudless night sky, embedded with stars
That will last from dusk until dawn.

The crystalline tears of a beautiful girl
On receiving a much adored gift;
An undisturbed lake, a shimmering blue,
With only pure white swans adrift.

The flight of confetti that sways in the wind
As the cheerful wedding bells chime;
The gleeful mirth of the poetry fan
When a poet contrives a bad rhyme!

The delicious intensity leading up
To a newly found couple's first kiss;
An unsure child beaming, fully content
Due to a compliment not gone amiss.

The merrily burning, friendly log fire,
By which a tired cat has curled;
I truly believe, and i tell you all now -
We live in a beautiful world!

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