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Beautiful World

Young lovers entwined on the grass
On a beautiful hot summer's day;
Weary new parents breaking into a smile
As they watch their kids giggle and play.

The excited shriek of a bubbling child
As Christmas Day dawns clear;
Old grannies bumbling and grumbling
About all those 'prices so dear! '

The peaceful look on a wrinkled man's face
As he reminisces on times gone past;
The perfect layer of untrodden snow
And the prisms of light that it casts.

The purpley orange setting sun -
Sure to rise pure and bright in the morn;
The cloudless night sky, embedded with stars
That will last from dusk until dawn.

The crystalline tears of a beautiful girl
On receiving a much adored gift;
An undisturbed lake, a shimmering blue,
With only pure white swans adrift.

The flight of confetti that sways in the wind
As the cheerful wedding bells chime;
The gleeful mirth of the poetry fan
When a poet contrives a bad rhyme!

The delicious intensity leading up
To a newly found couple's first kiss;
An unsure child beaming, fully content
Due to a compliment not gone amiss.

The merrily burning, friendly log fire,
By which a tired cat has curled;
I truly believe, and i tell you all now -
We live in a beautiful world!

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Vanessa Brown Popularity

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