Longing Poem by Vanessa Brown


Rating: 5.0

What becomes of the broken hearted?
Do the wounds ever truly heal?
Or will they simply be masked over
With another laugh, another smile?

Well I can laugh, and I can smile.
People can say 'She's fine! '
No amount of tears can bring back
Who I no longer may call mine.

I miss you, but is that all? No -
I love you more every day.
Not luv or lv, but love.

You loved me too, but you tore it away.
And now I'm lying alone in my bed,
Crying out your name;
But you never come back.

But how can I move on from you?
The memories are so alive in me, and
You are still a part of me;
So how can I numb the emotion?

The memories sting but I don't want to forget;
Forget you, or how it felt to love,
And that person love me back
For who I am.

The scars never heal, but I live to dream;
To simply hope that one day you'll return,
And declare your love once more:
Cocoon me in your arms and never let go.

Until that day comes, I'll put on that smile,
Put on that laugh and pretend I'm okay.

In a dream world, you'll want me back,
And remember that what we had was special.
One thing I ask -
Remember the good times and never forget:

Never forget how you felt,
Never forget that you cared
Or maybe even loved.
I'm sitting here and I'm scared -
Never forget me.

Nick Percowycz 20 August 2006

Wow! Very well written Vanessa! It just takes time, sometimes too much time to heal a wounded heart. A ten.

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Kelly Allen Vinal 20 August 2006

Wow, this is a riveting piece - kudos!

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