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People see I’m broken and bruised
When they ask me what’s the matter I just make up an excuse
I’m the reason that we’re nothing from the choices that I choose
You gave me so many chances but now you refuse

I know it’s been a while since we’ve spoken and I miss ya
I spend hours at night lookin at ya picture
Hoping that you notice what really was there
Cause after a week, I knew it was real

Have you ever wanted somebody but kept it on the low
Every time you see them, heart drops, hits the floor
Wishing they were yours but you wouldn’t let it show
Tryna let it out but you just can’t let it go

It’s been about a week that we met and its crazy how I get
I try to start a convo but I stumble all up on my words
I’m feelin' you a little but to keep it quiet I prefer
Don’t wanna sound absurd

Now that you’re gone
I could do nothing but remember how we use to be down
So many memories we share
I sit and think about them all but it’s too much to bare

Living in this world so cold, I stay strong
So I won’t go through the path that’s wrong
I ask the Lord for help, cause I know I can’t do it all by my self
The feeling that I get, is something that you can’t explain

You took my heart and disattached it
I just wanna be the one you want, the one you match with
Tell me in the morning that you love me cause at night we're smashin'
Lovin' spending time together so whatevers on we would sit and watch it

I never met your expectations; I was outta line
I never wanted us to die, I wanted us to shine
Forever us together
Forever you and I


If it's fate it'll fall into place
Don't rush into things if you know you can wait
And don't just choose a side if you're still in debate
But then again don't take forever cause forevers too late

Why he hugging you and kissing you but looking at me
Why you tryna play it off like that’s not what you see
I discuss it with your girls; they would have to agree
But why they start explaining to you and you rolled up your sleeve

I don’t wanna be a lost cause
People ask me something and there’s always a slight pause
I wanna be some one in my life, not because of my charm
I been feeling a harm

I’m sitting in my room, in the dark
Trying to write you a letter but I don’t know where to start
Trying to choose my words real careful so I won’t break your heart
You’ve been a real good man but I can’t continue on

I’m impatient; it’s crazy
I can’t wait no more and your actions are letting me know that you want this
I’m still stuck in the past, when you pass my heart beating so fast
We should just surpass the wrong doings we have

Seems like I see much clearly in a dream then when awake
In a dream I see you cheating but awake I won’t believe it
I won’t let my self believe that in your life there’s other woman
Cause the thought will leave me with a heart that’s aching and bleeding

What I’m feeling inside: It isn’t a lie
When you looked me in the eye and you said your goodbye
I got this pain in my chest and I felt I could die
When trying to fall asleep I do nothing but cry

Vanessa Roman Biography

My name is Vanessa and Im a 16 year old from New Jersey. I started writing about 2 years ago and enjoy doing so on my free time. I write about everything and anything that may pop into my head. Though I may not be going through what alot of my poems are telling, I write them so that others could read them and be able to relate to them.)

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Sorry I Messed Up

People see I’m broken and bruised
When they ask me what’s the matter I just make up an excuse
I’m the reason that we’re nothing from the choices that I choose
You gave me so many chances but now you refuse
For losing you, myself I accuse, myself I never amuse
Always messing up when I have something that’s good
You ask me if I love you and I tell you that I don’t
Then I switch it up on you and leave you all confused
I’m sorry for the love you missed (cause I didn’t show it): losing you I realized this
You’re something that I don’t deserved; that’s the hardest lesson learned
I’m sorry for all the times that you I left; I never felt so much regret
Sorry for the heart I broke that shattered every time I spoke
Please don’t think I played you out; I just thought I had you down
Thought no matter what I did or said, you would still stick around
Knowing that I hurt you, I feel my heart just hit the ground
Especially knowing I lost my love and that I’ve been replaced
I tell myself that I’ll get by this pain today I seem to face
But I just can’t forget about you and just put you in the past
Cause still a part of me believes that we were made to last

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