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1. Never Will 3/24/2015
2. Who Is The Animal? 3/30/2015
3. Two Pieces Of Broken Glass 4/25/2017
4. Cracks In Belief 4/25/2017
5. Crack In Belief 4/25/2017
6. Three Words Have Many Meanings 4/25/2017
7. Its Hard 4/25/2017
8. An Eye For An Eye 4/26/2017
9. The Mother 4/26/2017
10. What Hurts? 4/26/2017
11. Perfect 4/26/2017
12. Dear Happiness 4/26/2017
13. The Beast 4/26/2017
14. The Devil That Doesn't Wear Prada 4/26/2017
15. I-Scream 4/27/2017
16. Tangled 4/28/2017
17. Because It Isn'T A Fairytale 3/26/2015
18. Filing In The Blank 3/25/2015
19. Daffodil 3/22/2015
20. Change 3/24/2015
21. The Beggar 3/27/2015
22. I Know... You Have Sad Heart 3/29/2015
23. An Angel 4/25/2017
24. Happy Birthday Dear Papa! , 4/3/2015
25. Aissa Kyu Hota Hai? 5/3/2015
26. The Bird Who Dared To Fly 6/12/2015
27. The Conflict With Out, The Conflict With In 4/25/2017
28. Money Making Machine 3/31/2015
29. Where Is My Home? 3/22/2015

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Where Is My Home?

I am lost can you please help me?
I am locked in a cage someone set me free!
But even if you free me where will I go?
I will have to hide under your cemented shadow.
But if I collect myself again, will you lay on me some light?
Then maybe I can lift my head and ask for my right.
Where is my home, I would ask,
Maybe you'd tell me when you get rid of that mask.
I know you wouldn't tell me, you just can't,
For my shouting out to you, for you is a chirpy chant.
I am tired of living in this nightmare,
I want back my home, I want my share.
I want back my ...

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Some say change is possible,
some say change is true.
Some say change is endorsable,
some say change is new.

And some say change is frightening,
some say change isn't good.
some say change is like lightening,
some say change is all that they could.

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