Varanasi Ramabrahmam

Rookie - 257 Points (27-11-1953 / Vegeswarapuram, India)

Varanasi Ramabrahmam Poems

161. The Perpetuated Happenings In The Societies Of Nations (Opinion) 7/26/2015
162. The Secluded Place 8/15/2015
163. Mind And Its Projections 11/13/2015
164. The Empty Space 3/9/2016
165. The Poet - Wordsmith And His Words-Worth 7/7/2016
166. The Disposable Writings 2/20/2017
167. The Most Under-Celebrated Artiste 6/22/2017
168. Selection Of Nature 10/5/2017
169. Poetry, Divinity And Serenity 12/18/2017
170. Writing And Publishing (Opinion) 1/17/2018
171. The Melody Of Silence! 4/1/2013
172. Soonyavaada Of The Buddhism (Opinion) 4/2/2013
173. The Unsmelt Still Smelt Flower! (Fiction) 3/25/2013
174. Good Books And Good Looks! 7/20/2011
175. Problems Arise If.... 11/19/2010
176. Die Fremdsprachen 1/15/2010
177. Hearing Her Voice 1/1/2010
178. Divine Notes From The Divine Dream 11/2/2009
179. The Structure And Function Of Mind (Opinion) 10/3/2009
180. The Nectar Of Krishna's Pranks 8/12/2009
181. Fleeing Homes 8/11/2009
182. Ten Verses On Sri Tripura Sundari 9/26/2009
183. What Is Pleasure? ! 7/26/2010
184. Clubbing The East And The West - In Culture And Civilization (Opinion) 10/28/2013
185. The Puzzle Of Death And Rebirth! 1/31/2012
186. Cultural Values And Economic 'Values' (Opinion) ! 7/13/2014
187. Poet And Poetry-Writing (Opinion) ! 8/21/2011
188. Conversation With Sri Ramana Maharshi - Ii (Fiction) 11/1/2010
189. A Monologue With An Atheist 9/18/2013
190. A Scientific Perspective Of The Upanishads (Opinion) 11/6/2009
191. Flight Towards Freedom 10/6/2009
192. The Preceptor 9/4/2009
193. Sri Ramana Maharshi (Opinion) 10/23/2010
194. Death - The Greatest Leveler 1/23/2010
195. The Beauty 9/4/2012
196. Conversation With Lord Krishna - I (Fiction) 9/14/2009
197. Nature The Teacher: Lessons From Tree And River 2/5/2012
198. Culture! 7/9/2012
199. Time 8/16/2009
200. Eight Verses On Lord Sri Ramachandra 9/27/2009

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Best Poem of Varanasi Ramabrahmam

Eight Verses On Lord Sri Ramachandra

[1] I sing in my heart the glory of Sri Rama,
The lord of Anjaneya’s heart,
Preserver of his father’s word
Delightful in the charm of his qualities,
The form of Spiritual Master Hayagriva,
The sport of his smile charming in its lightning-like play,
The full moon to the lily of Sita’s heart, Sri Ramachandra.

[2] I sing the praise of Sri Rama,
He whose two feet are washed by the pure water of the Godavari,
Whose heart and mind joy to thrill in the emotion-stirring narration of Sri Ramadasa’s[i] compositions,
Who savored the sweet taste of the ...

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Fleeing Homes

War is a complex human activity
Insurgence is its most complex variant;
Citizens are made to flee their homes
Forced to pass days in refugee camps;

Fight for separate country, liberation struggle of champions of independence,
War against terror or dictatorship or for democracy, complex cultural realities,
Drive people out from their homes
To live horrible lives in tents or open space without any dignity or comfort,

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