Varanasi Ramabrahmam Poems

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I Am

I am the stream, I am the rivulet
I am the river flowing to the east or the west, south or north
I am the sea, I am the ocean
I am the delightful union of the river and the ocean;


Varied and not unique is nature of time, like Divinity;
Time and Divinity are equally incomprehensible but understandable too;

Time is the flow of events minding its own business

God Belongs To Whom?

God belongs to whom?
To the fundamentalist, devotee, or to whom He belongs?
And belongs He only to the religion?
Religions hijacked by barbarians are

A Flow Of Tranquility

When my mind merges with my SELF
Who am I? What is my Being?

Friendships and passions no more stir

The Hill-Stream

The flow of my poesy is a hill-stream
Never will she run dry.

Born in the hills of my heart

A Complete Man

I learn, I teach;
I study, I preach;
I compose poems, weave stories,
Write essays, pen opinions;

Conquering The Death

Some formulate equations to electromagnetism
Some others equate mass and energy
Some compose poetry and some others music
Some paint, some sculpt, some play games, some reach peaks

The Secret Of Time And Its Passage

Memory defeats passage of time

Hurts and pains enliven passed times and events
In the form of aches, and rarely are enlivened pleasant experiences had;

Good Bye Dear Books! My Intimate Friends!

Good Bye! To you my Dear Books,
Good Bye to you my intimate friends;

To you, who have taught me alphabet to vast knowledge

Fleeing Homes

War is a complex human activity
Insurgence is its most complex variant;
Citizens are made to flee their homes
Forced to pass days in refugee camps;

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