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When times are bad and you have no friends
When the hopes of life lead to dead ends
When all your surroundings have nothing to give
And you can’t imagine life the way you live

I never let out what my heart had to say,
But the moment of truth is here,
And it’s gonna stay, so today,
I’m gonna show what it feels like,

When at the end of the day
As the light seems to fade
When eternity meets eternity
As the endless earth meets the endless sky

My untamed heart so easily builds,
Dreams of an unbound love,
And even though it breaks each time,
I just can’t get enough.

From underneath the frozen smile,
My heart melts to silently cry.
The burning emotions from the days
When these embers were all ablaze,

“Nothing Lasts Forever” … they try to tell me
But it doubt the line to the very core
And even the words between the lines can’t really
Justify, as they are themselves unsure.

Don't think that I am
Waiting to be told what I have to do
I can think my way through
And I'm thinking

Made a fool of my heart
Broken down and torn apart
Didn’t know what to do
So I ran to you

I am a fun lover
a child of the moon and the ocean tide...

I'm and ordinary person with extraordinary thoughts, yeah that's me –
I’m quite different in a lot of ways you see.
I love you; yeah I’m crazy about you,
And every one else too.

Devoured by friends, betrayed by own
Left in this unknown world all alone
The best of friends seemed so distant
Life reminded of hell every instant


Looking at my life reality’s hardly there
Seems like fiction to me
It’s almost unbelievable
That I’m unable to read it and see

I’m trying to believe
That life has got to be the way it is
But it seems
My heart feels it’s got to be better than this

You want to be happy
You see happiness waiting for you at the end of the path
It’s a tough path to tread
It wears you out and you want to stop

In a far away desert,
A man sat all alone.
The man had no family,
He had a house but no home.


You can’t control me
I’ll do everything on my own
You can’t ask me for what I don’t have
You can’t tell me to be what I’m not

My heart is aching
Give me a reassuring smile
The worse is breaking
Give me strength to last another mile

Life in Flashes, fragmented pieces
Some moments happy, some indecent
I try to figure out what all the means
I try to put together broken dreams

There’s a human inside of you
Wasted upon an illusion untrue
It’s being played upon by sin
Showing the path as an escape route

He walks his life a determination in mind
He’s working hard through the distance of time
Believing in himself, doing what is right
Following the truth, and never quite

Vidushi Khera Biography

(A Little About My Poetry And My Style Of Writing) *^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^ MY POETRY ========== Having started off over a decade ago as a hobby, my poetry has evolved in the way Robert Frost describes it... 'begins in delight and end in wisdom'. Over the years, my style has grown with me... from childlike innocence, to teenage anguish, from early adulthood self discovery to more mature thoughts and a deeper understanding of the workings of the world. MY STYLE OF WRITING =================== I prefer rhyme and meter to be an inherent part of poetry and generally write with a solid rhyme scheme and a decent meter (harder to follow) . However, I do believe that all a good poem needs is good context, subtext and flow. Non-rhyming poetry too can be excellent and I say that from not just reading a lot of contemporary poetry but also having written some, despite my discomfort with the style.)

The Best Poem Of Vidushi Khera

How Lonely Do You Feel?

When times are bad and you have no friends
When the hopes of life lead to dead ends
When all your surroundings have nothing to give
And you can’t imagine life the way you live
When on your knees you bend and you kneel
How lonely do you feel?

When time goes by and you can’t keep pace
When the world laughs at your weary face
When all that you thought had belonged to you
Turns into trash, your happiness too
When life takes the fruit and leaves the peel
How lonely do you feel?

When all those things that once were yours
Go by like the ticking hours
When you’ve got nothing, no one to turn to
When all your people have betrayed you
When you are left with no joy, no zeal
How lonely do you feel?

When life is more of a terror than a test
When you get nothing though you try your best
When you are numb and you find not a wound healing
When you are a bird without any wings
When in the game of life you’ve lost the deal
How lonely do you feel?

When you find a person in such a state
Go up to him, do not wait
Let this question go on like a wheel
Ask him, “How lonely do you feel? ”

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Kee Thampi 28 July 2006

I really like your poems, you write that love of waves and words and flux of emotions now your hand is vigorously with hearty poems... keep with war of words than with...

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