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I was young when I went off
to find myself, without you
to find myself


For a brief time in my youth
he was a friend of mine.

He was several years younger than me,

No one knows your glory
No one knows your shame
No one's heard your story
And no one knows your name

I love
my old bicycle
the moonlight-white Fuji

Sweet banter
leads us away
down hidden paths
where fantasy

The pressure's building on your brain

Taking you to madness and from the sane

There once lived some grapes who hadn't much ambition
except to survive by the heat of a fire

then came the day when one grape was sick of the fire


Her beauty, distracting
a work of art
her mind, provoking
a work of genius

of hippies, barefoot
playing Frisbee in the park
drinking beer from light green bottles

If all I had were words that stand
as tall and strong as any man

I'd arrange them in such a way



a warm stream

Collapsed in the corner
of my reality
looking out at the festive gathering
I confront my inner stranger

Angry, embittered
and broken
seeking retribution
and succor

to fall
for its seemingly


All I have is You,

nothing else.

I have searched the world all over
forever in blue
trying to find a four-leaf clover
to help get me through

At 5: 30 a.m.
aside from a few curious rabbits
it's just me and the wind


The rustling of branches
a lone eagle spreads its wings
across a brilliant sun...
and all who are free

is through the door
if I know nothing else
of that I'm sure...

However do you know?

What makes my heart beat

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Self Discovery

I was young when I went off
to find myself, without you
to find myself

What I found was a boy
without love, all alone
all by himself

It was too late to turn back
I believe, and if I could've
you know I would've

Just what I learned was to love
people back, the ones who care
the ones who share

When I drive by our old home
I could cry, times we've had
the things we've shared

And in the end nothing's found
that wasn't already there
down deep inside
there was Love...

I found Myself.

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