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An Obsessive Compulsive's Thoughts On Washing His Hands

The feeling of the water
As it runs over my bare skin
The soap forming bubbles that pop
In lathered delight

Moonrise On Southern Cross

The yellow moon hung low
Over papier-mâché hills and
Cast it's benevolent glow
On the factories and homes

Reminiscences Of Naomi


She was a phoney, that was for sure

They're Sleeping And I'm Dancing

(For Al Filreis)

The peace of this place chimes with a hum

Lines Written On The Eve Of Leaving Ireland

Can I grasp the enormity
Of this moment
As time moves slowly towards
Its end

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20 April 2016

'Sid and Nancy had it made Heroin chic stupidity In a hotel bed Glazed eyes And soft carpet touch Like a thorn in the side of youthful folly'

20 April 2016

'For him there could only ever be The hope and longing Despair and guilt To which he could but shrug And surrender Happy only to have seen The Queen of the North in all her beauty'

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crist 22 December 2020

i asked for a dang peom

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Vincent S. Coster is an Irish-born poet who now lives in England where he continues to write poetry and the occasional short story. He began writing poetry as a way of venting the frustrations of being an outsider in a small rural village in Ireland when he was twelve, but it wasn’t until he was nineteen that he decided to take up the vocation of p ...

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