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1. For My Only 7/18/2006
2. My Final Goodbye 7/18/2006
3. Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned 7/18/2006
4. Why? 7/23/2006
5. For My Last Friend 7/27/2006
6. Another Love Poem 7/27/2006
7. For S.O.S 7/27/2006
8. Life Doesn'T Last Forever 7/27/2006
9. I'D Die For You 7/30/2006
10. Is It Mean'T To Be This Hard? 7/30/2006
11. Please, Just Leave Me Alone 7/31/2006
12. Say Goodbye Too Your Life 8/6/2006
13. The End Comes Tonight 8/14/2006
14. 'Til Death Do Us Part' 8/15/2006
15. I Miss You 9/1/2006
16. Whats The Point? 9/3/2006
17. Without Saying Goodbye 9/9/2006
18. Let Me Help 9/14/2006
19. Justice Dies 9/14/2006
20. Warning Of Romance (& Trouble) 10/1/2006
21. Because I Cared 11/15/2006
22. Bolt Locked Door 12/16/2006
23. Ashes To Ashes (For Ashleigh) 12/16/2006
24. My Last Tomorrow 12/16/2006
25. No One 12/16/2006
26. To Be So Sad, But Yet So In Love 1/1/2007
27. The Final One. Goodbye My Love 3/18/2007
28. You Look At Me, I Look At You. 8/15/2006

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You Look At Me, I Look At You.

You look at me, I look at you.
We stare like we always do
But it's not like it use to be
I look at you, You look at me.
Somethings different, it feels strange
We loved eachother but feelings change
All Love is gone. Only hate remains
Two hearts broken by a deadly game
Now you turn and walk away
I whisper for you to stay
But you keep on going
Im yelling, but the distance keeps growing
Now I hit my knees
And I sware you can hear my pleas
But you get faster, you start to run
Then I realise. You, Me, Us, It's done.
And it's never going to be the ...

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Why do you want to break my heart?
Why do you cause me such pain
When all I give you is all I have
And I do so with nothing to gain

Loving you hurts me so much
But I still try to make u smile
I try to make u happy
Even if its only for a while

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