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When I advanced a step you took two,
This shows the love between us is true,
You have made me so happy tonight,
That I feel my heart is feather light,

No one can conquer me with power, anger and terror
As my heart is my castle and it is mine forever

I lost it in your eyes but I don't wonder

As my pain prevails, my breathe fails.
My heart it sails among the sinful gales.

As my joy shrinks, my sorrow drinks,

I always wanted to tell you that I really love you
All my life I have waited for this to come true,
You by my side, my love, makes me feel so good,
Wishing away to heaven, my words do suit your mood.

The smile on your elegant face,
It diminishes every others grace,

It exists as an eternal joy,

Marriages are made in heaven,
With Life God plays Beethoven.

The Song is for an eternal life,

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Poet's Eye

Every beauty has to die,
unless seen by a poet's eye

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Nidhi Doshi 29 August 2008

hello the poems are awesome n i completely luved it wel touhed my heart specially d castle 1 n even d surrender 1. wel lookin forward 4 more poems of urs. wel i am quite impresssed

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