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My Love

whenever it is
no matter how hard I try to ignore
I find you

Ai ? Wabi Sabi

No matter how rich you are
there will be no meaning of contract and obligation
once you are in love

To Be Happier

you wouldn't know what is happy
until you get through sadness

what you have is where you have been

there will be something you will learn

Blank Morning

once I got up
you were not in bed


Grown up
strong enough
being alone
work hard

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Unwritten Soul 21 July 2012

Simple, puzzling, and beautiful that's the original wabi sabi style..Fuse between japanese and modern i think it's cool to see such experiment of poetry in poet's collection. Keep on writing Sabee, as your pen is a magic instrument to create a beautiful imagery.._Unwritten Soul

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Shirin Sheikhi 01 February 2012

Reading your poems, i found an elegant and elaborate simplicity.

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Time, this is what I try to throw to my poems.
It is difficult! !

just an ordinary man from Kyoto.
I'm not as Japanese as others are.
My parents used to be fed up with my asking 'why? ' when I was a child.

the more I make poems, the more I am getting into it because there seems to be utopia.

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