Walther von der Vogelweide Poems

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Under Der Linden

Under der linden
an der heide,
dâ unser zweier bette was,
dâ muget ir vinden

Alas! Where Have All The Years Gone

Alas! Where have all the years gone?
Did I dream my life, or is it real?
What I always thought - was that something?

When From The Sod The Flow'Rets Spring

When from the sod the flow'rets spring,
And smile to meet the sun's bright ray,
When birds their sweetest carols sing

I'Ve Got My Fief

I've got my fief, you world! A fief at last!
I shall not fear the February blast,
and petty barons can be flattered less.

Ah! Where Are Hours Departed Fled? (Excerpt)

Ah! where are hours departed fled?
Is life a dream, or true indeed?
Did all my heart hath fashioned
From fancy's visitings proceed?


'Lady,' I said, 'this garland wear!
For thou wilt wear it gracefully;
And on thy brow 'twill sit so fair,
And thou wilt dance so light and free;

Under The Lime Tree

Under the lime tree
On the heather,
Where we had shared a place of rest,
Still you may find there,

Excerpt From Dialogue With 'The World'

Too well thy weakness have I proved;
Now would I leave thee; - it is time -
Good night! to thee, oh world, good night!

Address To Emperor Frederic Ii.

Fain (could it be) would I a home obtain,
And warm me by a hearth-side of my own.
Then, then, I'd sing about the sweet birds' strain,

Up, Then, Dance We To The Song

Up, then, dance we to the song,
Care, for ever be thou gone!
Firm at length shall be my step,
High again my spirit leap!

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