Wangchat konyak Poems

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Love Definition.

Love Definition.
(By Wangchat Konyak)

Love is a beautiful bridge-

Ode To An Orphan.

Ode To An Orphan.
(By Wangchat Konyak)

Oh, whom shall I impart my innermost sorrows?

Come Out From The Hiding

My silence have engraved my voice,
My voice have deprived my rights,
My rights have snatched away my share,
My share have dethroned my identity,

Sooner Or Later

There's a boat across the unknown bay-
Awaiting to pick my soul from the clay.
I well know the route where it leads to;
For it was foretold in a native folksongs,

Misery An Old Friend

Misery is an old friend of mine,
Without which life is unrefined;
It is my mirror of past and present,
Without which time is impatient;

Awaited Grief Afterall

Life is short, too short to live and wait,
Cause everything is linked with time
And there's nothing permanent.
Here was I waiting for you,


Faith is an invisible trust
That our inward believes.
It's something supernatural,
Something confident,

Supreme Judge

Though misfortune falls on my path-
In thy supreme judge I take delight;
For thy grace restores my faith,
And revives my soul to uproot plight.

The Moment I Took Delighted

The moment I took delighted in you-
The world turned its face from me;
My imagination begun to built a bridge,
But my silence became a wall.

Farewell To Sorrow

Yester is gone, gone somewhere;
I don't know where, when and how,
But it's gone, never to return.

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