Ode To An Orphan. Poem by Wangchat konyak

Ode To An Orphan.

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Ode To An Orphan.
(By Wangchat Konyak)

Oh, whom shall I impart my innermost sorrows?
My childhood was a nightmare in the wild.
I've tasted the sourness of being an orphan;
I've endured the harshness of the winter frost,
And have walked into the darkest woods of grief.
Oh, how can I erase the piercing memories?
My life was filled with a miserable scars-
Shattered by the shadow of emptiness;
And my dreams was bewildered in the air.
Oh, tell me whom shall I narrate my yoke?
I've befriend loneliness, and embraced solitude,
For the world have failed to understand me;
And have despised to acknowledge my call.
Oh, I cried, ‘home my dearest home of ease'.
At night I dream of the warmness hearth;
Wish for a cosy family, clothes and shoes;
And hope to one day like Eagle be free.
I quench my thirst and hunger in imagination,
And wake up to plough the hardest ground.
But then, I've become a man - gentle and strong,
Though I've none to share my pain and woe;
I've found the ultimate love in His Grace.
And learnt to find peace in the midst of sufferings;
For I've found the blessed sanctuary in Him,
And I lament no more in the world of despair.

Ramesh T A 22 February 2022

Positive recovery to go ahead in life with confidence! Nice one!

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Bharati Nayak 21 February 2022

What a heartfelt poem expressing innermost pains, agonies and sorrows of being an orphan! But ultimately it is God who shows the way how to find peace amidst sufferings.A five star for this this touching write and to my poem list.

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