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Love Definition.
(By Wangchat Konyak)

Love is a beautiful bridge-

Ode To An Orphan.
(By Wangchat Konyak)

Oh, whom shall I impart my innermost sorrows?

My silence have engraved my voice,
My voice have deprived my rights,
My rights have snatched away my share,
My share have dethroned my identity,

There's a boat across the unknown bay-
Awaiting to pick my soul from the clay.
I well know the route where it leads to;
For it was foretold in a native folksongs,

Misery is an old friend of mine,
Without which life is unrefined;
It is my mirror of past and present,
Without which time is impatient;

Life is short, too short to live and wait,
Cause everything is linked with time
And there's nothing permanent.
Here was I waiting for you,


Faith is an invisible trust
That our inward believes.
It's something supernatural,
Something confident,

Though misfortune falls on my path-
In thy supreme judge I take delight;
For thy grace restores my faith,
And revives my soul to uproot plight.

The moment I took delighted in you-
The world turned its face from me;
My imagination begun to built a bridge,
But my silence became a wall.

Yester is gone, gone somewhere;
I don't know where, when and how,
But it's gone, never to return.

If life on earth be short,
Let me adore thee darling
And if life on earth be a wailing,
Let me heal thy swelling sort.

There's no world as happy as a fantasy-
For a man to find himself in agony.
Though one may barely feed his hunger,
And quench her thirst after burning at Sun;

Take me to the path I never trod,
Show me the wonders my heart could see
And teach me the songs of love and hope;
For many a years, I was in the dark room,

You Are Always Missed.
(Wangchat Konyak)

There you are my dear,

Somewhere She Lives.
(Wangchat Konyak)

Somewhere in the mystery land,

I am not dead, do not mourn.
I am part of the earth you dwell,
Part of the fresh air you breathe.
I am not gone, do not bid farewell.

The Cards And The Gamblers

The cards and the gamblers

Life is embedded with lies
And this isn't a tales.
In a pursuit to survive,
I've learnt to embrace lies

Up on the hill of Tangnyu village -
A genius was born from a blessed womb;
I called that genius - 'Papa' with love,
And he is my father - my solace.

A smile of my Blue Rose is rare-
Sweet like a dew in the desert.
She is a blessing to the beholder-
A true phenomenon of love.

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I'm a traveler, a wanderer and an explorer. I'm a writer, a social activist and a social worker.)

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Love Definition.

Love Definition.
(By Wangchat Konyak)

Love is a beautiful bridge-
That blooms between life and grave;
It's a gentleman song's of hope-
That transform immoral into virtues.
It flows gently from within,
And takes delight to comfort;
It has no race, religion and language;
It has no status, age and gender;
It has no boundaries and walls.
Love let flowers to bloom in desert;
It restores and inlight the broken heart;
It is a friend to the lonely soul,
And a destiny to the wandering minds.
Love is grace, grace is magnificent-
One who loves is in a free world,
And one who accept love is fertile.

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'Regret is an incurable disease'. Wangchat Konyak

The dead never dies and the living never live.

A broken soul often grief alone and none would dare to intrude it.

The moment when your own trusted family doubt your truthfulness, a soul is ripped apart.

I am the reflection of my father, and this is enough to justify his secret light.

The bond between son and father is divine. They both conceal emotions, but their love for eachother is eternity.

I am a wandering star, I do not settle, I do not sleep, I do not set.

Love is a bridge that blooms between life and death.

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