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Fog blankets the desolate earth
With motionless, invisible arms
Concealing any imperfections
Of Nature's poised beauty and charm

Show me that you love me
But do not speak a word
Show me that you long for me
Without a sound being heard

Ponder not thee rhetorically asked
For no eminent answer will prevail
Flaggerant, ignorant responses
Read of finest fingers, trained in Braille

Suppose I could in time regress
But to reincarnate my soul
Journey amongst this life again
'Pon a fruition of love, that's whole

Magnificent in stature
Body of brilliant design
Eyes, orbs of innocence
Devoured in emerald shine

Unfathomable resentment
Treachery found, in lover's myth
Infidelity, grand blasphemy
Consented not, by whom you’re with

Struggling, sinking in sadness
Bruised, beaten down again
Manipulated, heart naive
Believing once, you were a friend

Shackled to depression
Intertwined, amongst my veins
Self worth, self love
Are lost, within the pain

O' darkened shadow'd silhouette
Concise, precise and wise
Tiptoeing through existence
Draped in translucent disguise

Epitamy of thought resurrected
Rebirthed with a promise corrected
Wise of misfortune, a clueless disguise
A power, a surge, on this day shall rise

Consumed by midnight's darkness
A black candle flickers, the only light
Body, dimly accentuated
For a night of sinful delight

Dance with me, my partner
Spirit lover, of rhythmic step
Foot upon my floor of flesh
Take heart of offer, accept

An unspoiled virgin love
White orchid innocence
Precious, pure, youthful
Sacrificed, no consequence

Induced, a downward spiral
A maze, most difficult plight
Not easy to ignore temptation
To retaliate, sheer spite

Perched high 'pon a rock plateau
Eyes vision, of rarest sight
An angel of feathered wing
Horned priestess, of darkened night

A yearning, a lust
To caress your skin, your soul
Completing this circle
Indeed, has made us whole

Lying awake, insomnia
Darkness engulfs the room
Eyes, unable to focus
Isolation, mind games, dooms

Your warm body lies next to me
Yet emits such a frigid chill
I try to cuddle, comfort you
You play asleep, and just lay still

Flesh carved not of creation
Nor of accidental occurrence
An act of aggression, release
Confirms self control's reassurance

A single dove soars of Nightingale's song
Circling such a delicate sight of flight
Whilst once, oh how thine heart did long
Saddened, no love doth it beat, this night

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I have been reading the greats since I could hold books, and have always had a certain admiration for the arts, especially the written word. They say a picture can say a thousand words.. well simply put, I want my thousand words to paint one solemn picture; me. I had my first book Amateur's Pursuit published this year, and have been diligently working to finish up my next release.. Info to follow for those interested..)

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Call Of Nature

Fog blankets the desolate earth
With motionless, invisible arms
Concealing any imperfections
Of Nature's poised beauty and charm

A vapor mist of moisture
Dampens foliage with care
Gentle as the sweetest kiss
On tender lips, so fair

A necessity of plantations growth
Sipping wetness of various form
Absorbing like a starving sponge
During the calm before the storm

A miracle of unspoken prayer
From crying clouds, does fall
Saturating dirt and root
Soaked, satisfied, Nature's call

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excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem

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Michael Montgomery 10 May 2012

i like your style! it similar to mine. i love verse about nature. best regards, michael

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