White Tiger Poems

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When A Man Loves A Woman

When a man loves a woman
His heart opens wide
His love is neverending
Holding her by his side

The Moon

A dot in the sky, it's full tonight
Caught in our gravity, reflecting the light

Craters adorn it, like battle scars

Fallen Angel

Fallen angel
With a touch of death
Whispers the words
Beneath his breath


Imagine the beauty of a rose
Watching its petals open and close
What a pretty sight to see...
While feeling Its inner glow

Rainbow Butterflies

Rainbow butterflies, hovering around
Competing for nectar, where flowers are found

They know their life span is very short

I'm Lost In My Dream

I sleep, I dream
I get lost it seems
I shout, I cry
The desperation inside

Echoes Of Your Voice

Echoes of your voice, at midnight hour
Ride through my mind, with unseen power
Respecting the secrets of a heart opened wide...

Riding Trains Alone

Riding the trains, all around the city
I'm a happy passenger, just being silly

I get off at one stop and take another train

Your Beauty

Your beauty hypnotizes me
As you walk on by
Your long, black, shiny hair
Swaying by your side

The Crane And The Snake

The crane spreads its wings, while the snake coils to strike
Both have great agility, and flamboyance when they fight

The crane hops, the snake slithers

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