The Crane And The Snake Poem by White Tiger

The Crane And The Snake

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The crane spreads its wings, while the snake coils to strike
Both have great agility, and flamboyance when they fight

The crane hops, the snake slithers
They sleep at night, near soft flowing rivers

For days, the crane plays, bopping its head
Swaying it many ways, before standing on one leg

All white and innocently pure,
The snake sees this dance, as an enticing lure

The snake slithers nearer, to have a better view
All this is happening, under a morning mist and dew

But the crane's alert, she knows what's there
Peeking from the bush, under this damp air

The snake gets closer, close enough to strike
The crane blocks with her wing, and postures for a fight

But the snake backs off, smiling at the crane
While the crane postures on one leg, smiling back just the same.

C. Vergara

Saturday, November 26, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: respect
Akhtar Jawad 16 April 2018

A beautiful comparison of the crane and the snake.

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Cheryl Tutaan 05 February 2018

hehehe, i love the way it was ended, It's rhythm and rhyme as well...I just love reading it. It reminds me of the saying Love your enemies. thank you. a highest 10 of course! ?? Cheryl?

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Kim Barney 26 November 2016

I love poems about animals. This one is very well done. Most of my last poems have also been about animals. In fact, you may be interested to know that my last one (just posted today) was called Square Poems 13: Tiger Acrostic.

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Eugene Levich 26 November 2016

It reminds me of one I wrote some time ago entitled Great Blue Heron- after watching the bird's encounter with a snake.

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