Willem VanVoorthuysen

Rookie (Nov.2,1916 / Dutch East Indies (Indonesia))

Willem VanVoorthuysen Poems

1. Memories And Dreams 5/29/2005
2. God's Poetry 6/7/2005
3. God Is Still There 6/8/2005
4. Dream-Built Shelter 5/4/2005
5. Old Devil 5/4/2005
6. Precious Heartbeats 5/18/2005
7. Sword Of Fate 5/29/2005
8. Volcano 5/7/2005
9. Warning Voices 5/12/2005
10. Afraid To Dream? 5/7/2005
11. My Beloved 4/20/2005
12. Tower Of Baghdad 5/4/2005
13. P.O.W.'s Dreams 5/4/2005
14. When Time Dissolves Into Eternity 8/16/2005
15. Weedkillers 4/22/2005
16. Death Is A One-Way Door 9/26/2005
17. Terrified Witness 4/22/2005
18. No Longer Mute 5/22/2006
19. Nude On A Bearskin 9/26/2006
20. Clean Poetry 10/9/2006
21. Intelligent Designer 10/9/2006
22. Untouchable Now 10/21/2006
23. More Real Than Life 12/12/2006
24. Satan Stood No Chance 12/17/2008
25. Becoming A Man 12/17/2008
26. Refugee 1/1/2005
27. Collateral Damage 5/12/2005
28. Mary Magdalene 5/14/2005
29. Prayer For Our Nurses 8/16/2005
30. On Poetry And Prose 5/6/2006
31. Dreaming Towards Reality 5/6/2006
32. Lions And Doves 5/6/2006
33. Last Winter 5/15/2006
34. Prayer (Haiku) 5/25/2006
35. Surviving Your Generation 9/19/2005
36. Lava 10/16/2005
37. Human Computer 3/11/2006
38. A Dangerous Game 5/3/2006
39. Precious Privilege 5/15/2006
40. Perceptivity 5/16/2006

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Best Poem of Willem VanVoorthuysen

Axioms For Life

How do we prove that 1 + 1 makes 2?
We don't, we just accept it. But why?
Because our teachers told us so,
and on, and on, and on, and on,
for generations; that's why.

We've learned that axioms are laws
we shouldn't tamper with, because
the consequences might be serious:
a car might crash, a child might die,
a human soul be lost forever...

Axioms exist not only in arithmetic,
but also in religion, so when claiming
our right to freely think and speak,
we should be careful not to step
on other peoples' axioms of faith.

No matter ...

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God Is Still There

Does ever life on earth appear
to have become a meaningless existence?
Do you feel driven by just one desire,
one desperate wish, 'Oh, God, just let me die...'

And do you feel surrounded
by cold grey walls, topped by barbed wire?
Do you believe that God has disappeared? He didn't.
Remember that He promised you the power to endure!

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