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WW-II veteran, Royal Netherlands Navy, POW in Japan Writes short stories, essays, poetry. Overall IQ: 122
Into classical music, portrait and nature photography.

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Axioms For Life

How do we prove that 1 + 1 makes 2?
We don't, we just accept it. But why?
Because our teachers told us so,
and on, and on, and on, and on,

My Guardian Angel

While driving home late nights,
in heavy traffic, moving fast,
on narrow country highways,
I tell myself you are still there,

Real Men Don'T Cry

Since you went home, days turned to weeks
and weeks to months, and I'm still crying, at the sight,
the touch, the smell of things that once were yours,
and feeling lonely, even when surrounded

A Thousand Love Affairs

It has been said, a man can love a thousand women,
all in the same old way that one-day butterflies
love flowers, because there are so many,
that touching only one in their short life

God's Master Plan

Lord of the universe, You let us probe
the fearsome voids of outer space,
the hellish fires that in volcanoes rage,
the cold, dark secrets of the deepest seas,

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Amitabha Bagchi 02 July 2013

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