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How do we prove that 1 + 1 makes 2?
We don't, we just accept it. But why?
Because our teachers told us so,
and on, and on, and on, and on,

While driving home late nights,
in heavy traffic, moving fast,
on narrow country highways,
I tell myself you are still there,

Since you went home, days turned to weeks
and weeks to months, and I'm still crying, at the sight,
the touch, the smell of things that once were yours,
and feeling lonely, even when surrounded

It has been said, a man can love a thousand women,
all in the same old way that one-day butterflies
love flowers, because there are so many,
that touching only one in their short life

Lord of the universe, You let us probe
the fearsome voids of outer space,
the hellish fires that in volcanoes rage,
the cold, dark secrets of the deepest seas,

Will there be flowers to greet them?
What shall we do with this peace?
The one we so devoutly pray for,
young men and women die for,

For years, I lived a lonely life
in an imaginary underworld

To my Angel Frieda:
Immersing myself

Why should I ever want
my poems to convey
their messages in clear
and unmistakable terms,

Returning home from volunteering as a kitchen aide,
who helped much older people get warm meals,
you could not sleep at night, because your little feet
were hurting you so badly, that I felt honored

Lord Jesus, send Your Holy Sprit
into this dusky desert of my mind,
in which, whatever trees are left
are shaped like question marks...

One day, an angel will appear and take
those cool dark glasses from your eyes,
the mask that hides your creeping fear
that gold, nor sweat, nor persuasion,

So, what if yesterday
our world was full of joy, but
tomorrow looms like this prison wall,
repulsive, hostile, cold and grey...

Since God threw Adam and Eve
out of His Paradise Garden,

After I lost you, I kept complaining
about the loneliness I felt, in spite
of all the love, concern and help
that I received from family and friends,

God made the universe too wide
to be enclosed by boundary lines,
eternity a constant flow of time,
with no beginning, and no end...

I parked my car on a lakeside lot, planning
to eat my lunch in peace, seated comfortably
on my driver's seat, with all my windows open,
and the radio softly playing Liszt sonatas...

you are still so much here,

The substance we call water
occurs in differenT forms:
as fluid, ice or vapor.

Her lovely charms display the humble splendor
of pearly sea shells on a windward shore,
a fragile beauty, simple yet sublime
in gracious and serene surrender

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WW-II veteran, Royal Netherlands Navy, POW in Japan Writes short stories, essays, poetry. Overall IQ: 122 Into classical music, portrait and nature photography.)

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Axioms For Life

How do we prove that 1 + 1 makes 2?
We don't, we just accept it. But why?
Because our teachers told us so,
and on, and on, and on, and on,
for generations; that's why.

We've learned that axioms are laws
we shouldn't tamper with, because
the consequences might be serious:
a car might crash, a child might die,
a human soul be lost forever...

Axioms exist not only in arithmetic,
but also in religion, so when claiming
our right to freely think and speak,
we should be careful not to step
on other peoples' axioms of faith.

No matter whether we accept all axioms
we learned from loving parents, friends,
or dedicated teachers, or reject some,
there's one we cannot live without:
to love our neighbors as ourselves!

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