William Chaplar

Rookie - 12 Points [C.W. Elliot] (August 18,1961 / Trenton, New Jersey)

William Chaplar Poems

1. Because We Can 2/14/2013
2. Be One Of Those That Do 2/14/2013
3. Dad Was A Real Man Too 2/14/2013
4. Hail The Chiefs 2/15/2013
5. Don'T Curse The Darkness 2/15/2013
6. Don'T Play Not To Lose 2/15/2013
7. Elisha Saw! 2/18/2013
8. In Search Of Alexander Pope 2/18/2013
9. Intolerance Won'T Rule 2/18/2013
10. It's Idiomatic 2/18/2013
11. Listen To Mom And Pop 2/18/2013
12. School Daze 2/23/2013
13. The Very Least Among Them 2/23/2013
14. You Won'T End Up Alone 2/23/2013
15. Where Were You? 2/26/2013
16. Thou Shalt Not Procrastinate 2/26/2013
17. The Lost Child 2/26/2013
18. Bridging The Gap 2/26/2013
19. Be Your Next Success 2/27/2013
20. This Thing We Call The Net 2/20/2013
21. What Did You Do? 2/20/2013
22. Pomp And Circumstance 2/20/2013
23. Discouraging Words 2/21/2013
24. If You Did Your Best... 2/21/2013
25. Dancer 2/27/2013
26. Biblimericks 2/28/2013
27. Do It Then 2/28/2013
28. Honor The Games 2/28/2013
29. I'M Here 2/28/2013
30. January 20,2009 2/28/2013
31. My Brother's Mother 2/28/2013
32. A Dog Lover's Tale 2/28/2013
33. A Woman's Place 2/28/2013
34. Reason For Leaving 2/28/2013
35. The Best Seller Of Them All 2/20/2013
36. The Place To Be 2/20/2013
37. Start From The Inside 2/20/2013
38. Real Men Say I Love You 2/21/2013
39. My Friend's Name Is Nora 2/19/2013
40. Do The Math 2/15/2013

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Best Poem of William Chaplar

Civil War Ballad

America, America, sweet land of liberty.
But how could you so easily condone captivity?
Abolition was the call for half the citizenry.
The other half seemed well content with gross iniquity.
We kept a delicate balance between slave states and free,
with neither side prepared to give ground in this rivalry.
In states like Kansas, blood was shed to fight disparity.
And 1850's compromise caused animosity.
A book by Harriet Beecher Stowe stopped ambiguity.
Her anti-slavery message enjoyed popularity.
Five years later, Dred Scott's case was an atrocity,
'cause ...

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Be One Of Those That Do

We tend to gripe a lot about how bad things have become.
But all we're really doing is beating an age-old drum.
The many need to emulate the actions of the few.
'Cause it's not so much what we say but, rather, what we do.

We like to blame the government for causing all the trouble.
And maybe that's the reason that the nation's on the bubble.
Instead of trashing Washington and being red or blue,
just stop praising the ones that say and honor those that do.

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