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It's home,

The air feels lighter,

The world is so full of hate
These days' no one shares a plate
For we are no longer driven by fate
And another man's suffering is used as bait

My love that ain't a problem
I wear your love like an emblem
As you Joan are my gem
Waswahili wanasema 'dem'

My inner soul is shouting
Shouting all the same gasping for air
My mind in suffocation activated mode
The reality imploding on me

The morning's so chilly
Can't even get a call to Billy
For my hands are frozen
My eyes blurred seeing everything in a dozen

My son you are my little wolf
I will always take you to play golf
When in pain be ruthless like Adolf
As you are the Rudolf

We are a good lot of cousins
The love we share is that of the magazines
A bond so pure
A bond that needs no cure

i wake up to this nightmare
The nightmare enraging my sleep
I am trapped in my own fantasy
A self afflicted doom of sickness

Her cry pricks the heart
Her laughter builds the hut
Her smile cuddles the air
Her stare warms the room

It is true that life is indeed a journey
One minute you are breathing
another minute you are gasping for your last breath
Life is truly a riddle

Morning's fine with the melodies of a singing bird
It's a pleasant day
The day being so warm and so gay
The morning sun blazing its ray

Because you said hello
My heart has been opened,
To accept a love from someone I adore.
My soul have has been awakened,

In you i found a wife
A wife to share my life
Baby You bring out the best
Making me forget the rest


Nature has a way of balancing things
Nature has a way of catching up

Let me swim
inside your sea.
Drink the water of your lips,
Taste the salt around your heart.

The clouds are gathering
I see them feathering
Flock of birds zoom about
They chirp melodiously

We had an appointment
But later turned a disappointment
The day was supposed to be a monument
A day to nourish the environment

Amidst the dark trees, the mahogany sway to and fro
The cold so chill, excruciating
I wanna tuck my coat in
To say no to this flu pre- develop

*Yes i know you are growing
As a matter of fact and to be precise you are glowing
But glow and do not change your character
Let maturity and kindness be your key factor

In this hour not yet told
The weather transisting to cold
Our arms and legs tuck fold
Piling up the pullovers as we blow our hands warm

Wolf the poet Biography

I was born amidst the wolves A free spirit, a wild card, i am one with the pack all thanks to Luna Poetry is that necessary glimpse of energy which fuels my entire reality I am a warrior and the bleeding pen is my double edged sword. I write to inspire before that time when i will disintegrate and expire.)

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It's home,

The air feels lighter,
The bread tastes better,
Laughter is more genuine,
Smiles are much warmer,
Mothers' touch is therapeutic,
And love isn't just another word.

Home feels like a utopia,
A safer corner of paradise,
There is no better place than home.
And with my shewolf i am more at home and at peace

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Beware of the cunning tentacles of the octopus Look keenly in the details Everything will seem vague But the venom has already been spat Concentrate on the inner layer Delicate it is, scalpel incission the blood oozes

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