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My Shewolf

*Yes i know you are growing
As a matter of fact and to be precise you are glowing
But glow and do not change your character
Let maturity and kindness be your key factor

Tuesday Chronicles

My love that ain't a problem
I wear your love like an emblem
As you Joan are my gem
Waswahili wanasema 'dem'

The Wilderness Dream

Amidst the dark trees, the mahogany sway to and fro
The cold so chill, excruciating
I wanna tuck my coat in
To say no to this flu pre- develop

The Cold

In this hour not yet told
The weather transisting to cold
Our arms and legs tuck fold
Piling up the pullovers as we blow our hands warm

Thursday Chronicles

*Thursday Chronicles

I lost a brother and a friend
Life's so sweet but slime at the end

Letter To My Crush

I pen you this letter with lots of love,
Despite the itchiness on my fingers,
Scratching them I won't,

Theories Of Life

Someone asked me; what is life?
I answered, 'it is as sweet as a lovely wife, but sharp as a double edged knife'
But really, is life worth everything?
All but rhetorical questions

Love: Quite A Fortune

Loving someone is'nt just a stroll in the park
Love is a sparkle in the dark
It can make one as happy as a lark
And make some frown with wrinkles of despair and sadness

It Is My Birthday

It has been a long day coming
Seosons back my mother, a confidant and a mentor'
Brought me to this world
Still coated by the amnion sac

The Perks Of Life

Like a blade of grass
Some as sharp like shards of glass
Grass in its part of the flora and fauna, has its own class
Its vegetative nature so serene

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