Fantasy Turned Reality Poem by Wolf the poet

Fantasy Turned Reality

Rating: 5.0

There is a face i would love to see
Eyes i would love to drown deep into
Lips i would love to kiss

When i kissed you
I was scared to hold you
When i held you i was scared to love you
Now that i love you
I am scared to lose you

I love you like i love the thrill of pure infatuation
But most of all i love you like a cherished friend
Who holds me tight
And loves me to the end

You're my angel
My lullaby
Forever yours until i die
You're my angel
My sweetest thought
Eternally yours, my dear angel, the only one i've got

I won't lie to you
For to lie to a goddess is sin
I love your mind and soul
And i will love you till we all taste Sheol

I can still smell your hair
I can still feel your touch
I can still taste your lips
I can still see your smile
I can still sense your closeness

And though at times a thread may break
A new one forms in its wake
To bind us closer and keeps us strong
In a special world where we belong

The sharpness of your mind
The sweetness of your lips
The softness of your skin
Your beautiful laugh
Your glorious smile
Your perfect body

An episode of passion
A night gone by
No force could stop the attraction
Between you and i

You are my shewolf
You are that motivational quote that keeps me going
The embodiment of angelic beauty
Your presence is my essence
Your gaze embraces me

Call it good karma
Sandra Feldman 30 September 2023

Love Ly Love poem. Hits the greatness, category.

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Sandra Feldman 30 September 2023

How lucky can a she Wolf be? You fill her life with true love's, ecstasy!

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Wolf the poet 06 November 2023

appreciated Sandra

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