M. Asim Nehal World Poems

What This World Will Look Like?

When moonlight will find a place under the sun,
When the winds will flow like waves,
When blood will have a spectrum,
What this world will look like?

The Virtual World Has Taken Over The Real World.

I long to sit quietly under the shade of a Pipal tree,
Where the heat of the sun comes in with the cold air.

By laying down on the cot and stretching my legs

A Care That The World Needs

I take my heart out among the orphans,
to play and sing a lullaby.

I spread my helping hand to shower the care.

Come To The World

Let's fly together to the world of love
Where heart is pure and mind is sure
The beauty of nature still beguile
where bloom of flowers are still fresh and live

How Do I Know Whom To Follow In This World?

How do I know whom to follow in this world?
When the mind says something and the body something else.

When the tussle is on between heart and mind

I See The World In You

In the changing cerulean of the sky,
In the shadows of dusk,
In amber sunsets,
In the early morning drizzle,

A Different World Lives Within Scotland

The vastness of this nature and the architecture of the human
The grandeur on earth is a show of the limited time.

The eyes of the human cannot hold the beauty

Sonnet ~ Thy Death Will Show The World How You Lived

Thy death will show the world how you lived,
Thy life story will reveal thy successes and failures;
The efforts you made will speak what you achieved,
And all will go down in history as your deliverers.

Are We Living In An Illusionary World! ! !

Are we living in an illusionary world?
Our mind thinks not much about it!
this sun never sets nor move from its place

Virtual World

The Paper World

We live in a paper world
This is no less than a virtual world
Our currency is of paper
Our land is of a paper

Limerick - World's Politics

On Russian horse of best breed
Syrian goat is enjoying its greed
American tree that has grown so big
Is now losing all its cherished fig

Rubai - World Leaders

In verdant garden, where flowers sway,
scorpion, chameleon, serpents play
with cautious steps, they stealthily roam,
seeking solace in nature's dome.

They Came Into The World And Never Lived

Self-praising and self-boasting
Two tools to satisfy the ego

Self-appraisal and self-checking

Tanka ~ World

every peace loving
souls must unite with one mind
and one consciousness
to prevent crises and build

Error Success