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Yehudah HaLevi Biography

Yehudah ha-Levi is one of the best-known Spanish Jewish poets. Born in Toledo when it was still under Islamic rule, he became a prolific writer of both Arabic and Hebrew poetry. His writing touches on themes such as love, friendship, religious devotion, hope, wisdom, and sorrow.

Ha-Levi's most famous work is The Kuzari, comprised of 5 essays written between 1120 and 1140. The Kuzari tells how the king of the Khazars decided to adopt Judaism after consulting with apologists for the Christian, Islamic, and Judaic religions. According to Rabbi Eliyahu (the "Gaon") of Vilna, The Kuzari is "holy and pure, and the fundamentals of Israel's faith and the Torah are contained within." It has been translated into Hebrew, Ladino, English, French, German, and several other languages.

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MiTmite9 26 November 2017

Please explain to me why a poem concerning bin Laden's death and an anorexic cat lady are attributed to a man who lived in the 10th century. Yes... and why the photo?

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Paulb 30 July 2019

The philosopher seeks.Truth through reason. But beyond reason, Truth is found in apprehension, in Poetry!

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Paliroad 21 December 2017

Profound concept of non-duality reality for Love and Joy and Pain are part of the same root.

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Yakkerboy 19 December 2017

MiTmite9, Your ignorance knows no bounds.

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Newuser 30 November 2017

To be And oh, to lose

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From ''Godless'', the movie 28 November 2017

Tis a fearful thing to love To love what death can touch A fearful thing To love, to hope, to dream, be To be, and know, lose A thing for fools, ...this And a holy thing A holy thing, ... to love For your life is lived in me Your laugh once lifted me Your word was gift, me To remember this, brings painful joy Tis a human thing, -love A holy thing To love what death has touched And

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gordon 29 April 2022

what is the name of this poem and is it the whole poem or just a part? i noticed this ended in And.

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The Best Poem Of Yehudah HaLevi

A Love Song

'Do you see over my shoulders falling,
Snake-like ringlets waving free?
Have no fear, for they are twisted
To allure you unto me.'

Thus she spoke, the gentle dove,
Listen to your plighted love:
'Oh, how long I wait, till my sweetheart comes back,' she said,
'Laying his caressing hand underneath my burning head.'

Yehudah HaLevi Popularity

Yehudah HaLevi Popularity

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