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Zakir Hussain Haidary is a 24 years old science graduate and is now studying English Literature at Banaras Hindu University Uttar Pradesh India.

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A Voice

When she sows virtue in my heart,
My Self wakes within.Then it happens;
By veiling herself from my sight,
wanders in the darkness of my heart.
Then gleams my existence evermore.

Her voice echoes, 'I am your love
Murmuring from your heart's cove'.

O' love! To handle the business of love
free your heart from the waves of wrath.
Spread your hands for friendship my love.
You be Farhat then, and the world Shirin.

That affinity faded, when I wide awake!
Tumbled like tear, from that demonic eye.
My heart's wealth singed, when she beguiled.
Like a withered corolla, into dust I shattered.

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Zakir Hussain Haidary Popularity

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